Hybrid Event Examples: Best-in-Class in 2021

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Hybrid Event Examples: Best-in-Class in 2021

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Find inspiration with the best hybrid event examples in 2021. In late 2020, when COVID-19 vaccines were starting to appear, the...

The Top 5 Venue Selection Criteria for Hybrid Events

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Find out the top venue selection criteria you should consider when planning a hybrid event. While event planners agree that the...

Hybrid Events

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Everything you need to know about hybrid events What are hybrid events? The easiest way to understand what hybrid events are is...

Entertainment ideas for events that delight attendees

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Discover the best entertainment ideas for events that surprise and delight attendees, delivering a memorable experience. Often...

4 key takeaways from the Hybrid Shake-Up

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Discover the key takeaways from our latest event that will help you power up your hybrid events. The Hybrid Shake-Up was an...

Hybrid event production: 5 platform features to look out for

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Discover the key platform features that will support your hybrid event production. ...

Hybrid event analytics: evaluating data for virtual and in-person components

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Hybrid event analytics require a consistent approach from organizers to analyze and report data from virtual and in-person...

Taking the lead on virtual events projects, with Apple Box CEO Taylor Estes

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“Do not copy and paste your cancelled event into an online format. Your previous agenda design doesn’t translate to...

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