After all, what exactly are hybrid events?

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After all, what exactly are hybrid events?

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You have probably heard about hybrid events recently. The term may seem to be just a buzz word, but the concept behind it, in...

Digital strategies for online events, with Chief Digital Strategist Miguel Neves

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The way of holding events in the coming months will be totally different from what we knew so far today. Without digital...

6 Elements Of A Great Online Event Landing Page

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With over a third of the world’s population on lock down in cities around the world, the value of online events are steadily...

The 2020 guide for perfect online events [and how to migrate your live event to webinars, virtual meetups and live streaming]

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We’ve been talking about online events for a while. Live streaming, for instance, has been predicted as a big trend on the...

The impact of COVID-19 on corporate events [fact box, risk assessment checklist, recommendations]

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While we can’t look down on coronavirus impacts on the events industry, getting over it might be quicker than we think. As...

InEvent announces new tool for 100% online conferences and task force to help affected countries.

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A big challenge is ahead for the events industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And to anticipate the new demands that conferences...

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