13 Essential Event Management Tools for Seamless and Successful Events

13 Essential Event Management Tools for Seamless and Successful Events

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Posted on August 15, 2023

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are planning events? 

If you say – chaos, last-minute errands, or adjustments, then you are at the right place to learn and improve your event management skills. 

When it comes to organizing events efficiently, you need to plan well ahead in advance. This is where event management tools come in handy. 

In today’s fast-paced world, event management tools play a huge role in conducting successful events. These tools have become an indispensable part of the industry. 

As per a survey, 80% of professional organizers planning B2B events use event management software. This goes on to show how quickly the event management tools are growing.

Event management tools refer to software or applications that help you in planning and organizing various aspects of the event. These tools ensure the smooth conduct of events as well as streamline processes and efficiency immaterial of the size of the event. 

Grab a cup of coffee and strap yourselves as we go on a journey to explore various tools that will assist you in organizing events like a pro! 

Choosing the right event management tool 

Although there are numerous event management tools in the market, finding the right one is essential for the specific success of your event. This is where you need to consider several factors in order to ensure that you select the proper tool for your event. 

  1. Understand your specific requirement

Different events have different purposes. You cannot expect the same tool to help you through different events. Certain events want a re-branded landing page, while certain events simply require flyers or brochures. 

Start looking for a tool that matches your requirement. 

  1. Online reviews

Before selecting a tool make an online survey to understand what other users feel about that particular tool. Trusted and reputed websites like G2 and Capterra provide real feedback from past users. 

  1. Budget

Another important consideration is your budget. Finalize how much you are willing to spend on the tool. The overall budget of any tool should not have exceed the average spending limit. You do not want your tool to cost more than what you spend on the event! 

  1. Ease of use

The overall interface of the tool or platform should be user-friendly. Your participants, as well as clients, should be able to navigate through the platform with ease. Basically, the tool should solve its basic purpose without any confusion. 

Top 13 event management tools 

Just as we read in the previous section about the importance of selecting the right tool, let’s now make a detailed analysis of the various tools and find the ones suitable for your specific requirement. 

Let’s dig right into the list – 

  1. In-event 

When you are talking about In-event, you are talking about an all-in-one solution to event management. Effectively dubbed as the ‘Oscars’ of event management. 

The tool basically understands every hassle that you may face in the event. This serves as an all-in-one solution that helps you right from the start to the end of the event. 

Key features

  • Event website creation and event marketing 
  • Ticketing and event registration 
  • Travel, hospitality, and logistics 
  • Attendee check-ins, and surveys
  • Surveys and feedback 
  1. ProofHub 

When it comes to organizing seamless events, the backbone originates in having a team of professionals that work together. And for this, you need ProofHub to ensure seamless collaboration. 

There are numerous tasks that make an event successful. ProofHub helps you organize all these tasks in a steady workflow ensuring there are no hiccups in the event. 

Key features 

  • Delegate tasks to different members
  • Monitor the workload of various workers in your team
  • Centralized platform for communication between organizers, stakeholders, and clients. 
  • Quickly share documents such as proposals, guestlists, etc. ensuring security as well as quick accessibility. 
  • You can even invite your guests to view and modify your workflow. 
  • You can assign priority levels to various tasks using labels that help your team members identify important tasks with a short deadline
  1. Slack 

A very famous tool for instant messaging and communication is Slack. You can basically use Slack for communication between team members, clients, participants, or anyone else. 

Slack lets you create channels with specific purposes that lets you communicate and share information with ease.  These channels are also transparent which lets everyone related to the event view information with ease. 

Key features

  • Effectively communicate urgent changes and deadlines enabling collaborators to be aware of announcements and respond promptly
  • Eliminate lengthy email chains and keep all your review and approval processes on the centralized platform
  • Create separate channels for various aspects of your event, thereby letting your participant be aware of timely updates
  • You can even share files, presentations, or any other documents easily through the platform
  • Slack literally integrates with every possible tool, therefore, providing you with a seamless event management process
  1. Integrate Precision Events 

Conducting events is one thing, but promoting them and marketing them is another. So when you think about marketing, think about Integrate! 

With powerful lead capture capabilities, IPE helps in collecting details of guests and registration details. This helps in having a seamless flow of process through the entire event with a maximum turnout. 

Key features

  • Consolidate data from various resources such as registration pages, CRM, marketing tools, and others. 
  • Quickly automate email marketing for automating replies, lead generation, and follow-ups
  • Robust analytics provide you with deep insights into the overall performance of your event
  • Seamless integration with event management tools for ensuring smooth work progression on a central platform
  1. Splash 

Splash comes in as a powerful marketing tool designed specifically for promoting events. With a smooth interface, you can use the tool for various 

Aspects such as ticketing, registration, and on-site operations. 

Marketers get a valuable boost as the tool helps them to connect with a wide audience. This tool also helps in gathering details and provides valuable insight into feedback as well as the impact of the event. 

Key features

  • With Splash, you can easily create customized web pages for event registration and other purposes
  • There are numerous templates that you can use to build websites with ease
  • You can set up email campaigns on the platform for marketing as well as promotion of the event
  • Real-time interaction with participants in the form of surveys and questionnaires to improve engagement and involvement
  • Seamless integration with other management systems enables you to work and plan seamlessly
  1. Eventbrite

Make the complicated ticketing and registration process simple using Eventbrite. In addition to managing the participant’s data, you can use this tool for promoting the tool. 

Eventbrite helps you to avoid manual ticketing processes and boring spreadsheets. You can manage as well as promote your event using the powerful features of Eventbrite. 

Key features 

  • Effectively create customized web pages for registration and event promotion 
  • Customizable features on your landing page depending on the time zone and the type of event
  • Manage attendee event list with ease. You can also send automated reminders, notifications, and other information related to your event
  • Robust analytical features help you to understand your audience better and make better decisions in future events
  • Simplifies the check-in process by proving QR codes automatically to individual participants
  1. Regpack 

Regpack is an onboarding and registration software that lets you manage event registration. The platform also lets you organize and collect payments for paid events. 

This tool basically lets you manage registrations as well as administrative processes on the same platform. 

Key features 

  • Create a customized registration page as per the requirements of your event. You can even use dynamic pricing or conditional logic on the registration form
  • The conditional logic also ensures that users only see data and questions that are relevant to them. This helps you to manage bounce rate and cancellations
  • Automate waitlisting process in case of an event with limited participants. Further, send automatic notifications to waitlisted participants in case of cancellations. 
  • Guests can simply use QR codes to check in, thereby lowering the time wasted in the entry process
  • Secure payment gateway ensures that you receive the event fees directly into an account of your choice
  1. CRM.io

CRM.io is a cutting-edge CRM software that helps drive sales and accelerate business growth with the most reliable cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software. 

It enables you to consolidate all customer data in a single location, thereby you can establish client connections quickly and with ease. 

  • Effectively track, manage, and document leads obtained from various websites and sources. Create customized workflows, automate lead routing, and allocate leads to your team with ease.
  • With CRM software in UK having sales automation features, you can streamline your sales process and eliminate repetitive tasks. YOu can simply use the drag-and-drop flow builders to shorten your sales cycle and simplify complex processes.
  • Assign tasks, establish deadlines, and monitor progress to ensure that teams work together efficiently and all planning and processes are on schedule.
  • Organize, prioritize, and track deals to save time and boost productivity. This will empower your sales team to close more deals and increase revenue for the business.
  1. EventCreate

If you are looking for a specific tool to build websites and landing pages for your events, EventCreate is where you have to be. You can create and launch any website within websites using the no-code technique of the tool.

Also, you can set up forms on the website to collect information, and send automated invites, texts, and other information. 

Key features 

  • With pre-built templates, you can build websites that are visually appealing and informative for your target audience
  • You can build a calendar website! This means if you are planning multiple events, you can keep your audience informed about all of them easily. 
  • Sell tickets and receive payments with ease and security using professional payment gateways. You could also connect to a merchant services provider if you prefer this option over a payment gateway. You can either take advantage of the integrations, API, or Zapier.
  • Set up automated and online RSVPs, that help you predict the number of guests in your event
  • Effective analytics of your website provides you with an idea for measuring website traffic and engagement. This helps you in taking effective decisions related to your event
  1. Restream

Are you planning to live stream or telecast your event? With Restream, you can effectively live stream on more than 30 platforms at the same time. This helps in improving your attendees and engagement. 

You save time as well as money by using Restream. This is because you are using fewer resources while reaching a wide audience. 

Key features 

  • Stream your event on multiple platforms at the same time with ease. These platforms include Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Discord, among other popular ones. 
  • Engage with your participants in real-time. Further, reaching an audience in their preferred platform results in higher engagement and reach
  • Customizing the stream with themes as per your choice that match the overall theme of your event
  • You can add logos, banners, and overlays to ensure that your virtual guest is able to connect with the event. 
  1. Tl;dv

With this tool, you can effectively record, transcribe and summarize online events. You get the ability to work with more than 30+ languages. 

You can record, transcribe and summarize the conference meetings and talks. Additionally, the tools also help you with summarizing events for a better and more effective understanding of the process. 

Key features 

  • A simple extension to record Zoom meetings and Google Meet. Additionally, you can transcribe the meetings and effectively share effectively. 
  • The platform also supports you to convert recordings into more than 30 languages instantly. 
  • AI note maker that helps you in summarizing the meeting rapidly and effectively. 
  • Convert recordings into bite-sized clippings and share them as per customer requirement. 
  • Search from recordings and catch up with terms, so you do not miss out on any insight or discussion. 
  1. TravelPerk events

When it comes to business travel and events, the scenario changes from chaos to disorder. Simply because of the numerous factors involved, travel-based events are very complex to organize. 

TravelPerk provides you with 24×7 customer support that will help you anytime through the travel process. Further, your participants are aware of real-time updates resulting in secure and smooth conduct of the event. 

Key features

  • Centralized platform for everything related to the event including travel, stay, and the event itself
  • You can select and choose from multiple options for having a seamless experience
  • Adding guidelines to the platform will ensure that all travel guidelines are adhered to throughout the entire event 
  • Real-time updates and notifications to participants in case of any disruptions or risks in the travel or at any stage of the event
  • Take proactive steps to mitigate risks or threats that arise during different stages of the event
  1. RingCentral Webinar 

RingCentral Webinar is the ultimate solution for hosting secure and engaging webinars at scale. With support for up to 10,000 attendees, anyone can easily run and join webinars with confidence, eliminating the complexities of webinar management and ensuring a stress-free experience for hosts and participants alike. 

This platform provides you with easy-to-use engagement features to in-depth analytics, this comprehensive webinar solution streamlines the entire process, making it a valuable add-on to your RingCentral MVP plans or RingCentral Video Pro+ plans.

Key Features:

  • Keep panelists and attendees engaged with interactive chat, polling, emojis, and Q&A sessions.
  • Schedule rehearsals before going live and have private debrief sessions with panelists for seamless preparation.
  • Amplify your webinar’s reach by broadcasting it on streaming platforms like YouTube Live.
  • Attendees can join effortlessly via a simple link on any device without the need to download any additional software.
  • Boost attendance and optimize lead capture with custom-branded registration pages, automated emails, and integration with marketing platforms like Marketo.

Bottom Line

With an overall understanding of various tools available for event management, we hope this article will be of help with your next event. A powerful event management tool will eliminate hassles and make event organizing fun and interesting. 

Further, the right tool will effectively help you to streamline your process, improve efficiency and performance, and also a seamless experience for participants. Leveraging the right tools will help you navigate the ever-changing nature of event management and curate events that leave a long-lasting impact on the participants. 


Nandini Sharma is the marketing manager at ProofHub, counted amongst the best Asana alternatives. She is always delighted to talk about SAAS, project management, marketing expertise, and teamwork. Her major interests are reading about new trends in work management and doing arts and crafts. Her artistic nature also shows in her progressive approach. 

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