Clubhouse: what can event profs learn from the app´s success?

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Clubhouse: what can event profs learn from the app´s success?

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Find out the reasons behind Clubhouse's overwhelming success and what event profs can learn from it. ...

How to set up a virtual career fair worth attending

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Virtual career fairs enable organizations to reach candidates en masse and connect with the industry's best talents within a...

Olympics, WEF and more: how large events are dealing with the pandemic in 2022

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Do you know how large events are dealing with the pandemic in 2021? It’s like a replay. With the second wave of COVID-19...

Live polling questions and tools to elevate your engagement today [real examples]

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Live polling is an effective way to engage your audience in virtual events. While it may seem simple, organizers often struggle...

The 7 most burning questions we get about virtual meetings

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Virtual meetings are already a reality. And we would be silly to still believe that they are a temporary solution. In fact, this...

Going beyond webinars

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Webinars have exploded. Working as a fix for brands to reach their audience in the age of COVID-19, webinars have proved to be an...

Virtual conferences:
best platforms, features,
and best-in-class in 2020

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As the COVID-19 pandemic has brought tough challenges to the event industry, many of the traditional actors have been forced to...

The best platforms for Virtual Events [2021 updated]

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Choosing the best platforms for virtual events is only one of the decisions an event prof has to do. However, it’s one of...

Virtual Events benchmarks you want to see before your competitors do

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If you intend to grow your virtual events, you must be aware that one of the main pillars for your strategy is monitoring virtual...

How to present a virtual event [The right way]

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Knowing how to present a virtual event was not the most required skill until early 2020. But now, virtual events are bringing a...

Make virtual events more interactive [5 practical proven tactics]

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Trying to make virtual events more interactive is undeniably one of the main strategies brands are using to increase their global...

Increasing virtual events engagement [Video + Sketch]

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On July 30th, we hosted the virtual event Virtual events trends: increasing audience engagement. Thus, we invited three experts...

Data privacy and security for virtual events [6 steps to adhere to GDPR and the CCPA]

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The topic of data privacy and security is in the mainstream media and people begin to realize the value of their personal data....

How in-person experiences will look like in the next months, with Michael Buckley, CEO @ Cadence.

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The instability in which we are living due to the pandemic demands companies to exchange ideas among themselves. So, today...

Marketing Plan for Virtual Events: how CX makes its magic on attendees’ minds

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A recent report published by SuperOffice states that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. CX is...

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