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Posted on September 15, 2020

Choosing the best platforms for virtual events is only one of the decisions an event prof has to do. However, it’s one of the most crucial.

So, at the end of this read, you’ll have a clear vision of the current best. As well, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

According to Adobe, more than 500,000 people visited their virtual summit last May 2020.

Now, more than ever, technologies for virtual events that allow document sharing, presentation, interactions and other functionalities have supported companies to keep their communities growing and engaging.

There are still those who use traditional meeting tools and training video. However, taking advantage of this opportunity to develop virtual events that are really people-centered, a professional online event tool is strongly recommended.

If you want to know more about how this type of tool differs, we recommend reading the article “Why a video call tool alone is not enough for your virtual events”. Some of the main benefits in favor of virtual events platforms include:

  • To build a process that causes a huge first impact on new prospects
  • Offer a new channel to your content strategy
  • Accelerate future sales as well as other conversions of your pipeline
  • Scale up reach via a repeatable strategy
  • Automate reporting via analytics and integrations that can prove results

2. Questions you need to ask before signing a contract with a virtual events SaaS company:

  • Who have been your main clients?
  • What cases of successful clients can you show me?
  • How exactly is your software going to help me grow?
  • Can I manage my VIP’s an other customer segments in the same event?
  • How do you integrate your solutions with other tools I’m already using (eg: Salesforce)?
  • How much exactly it’s going to cost me?
  • What kind of support do you offer?

3. The best virtual events platforms

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback’s Webex edition Zonka for Webex is a solution that helps Webex users create and share live surveys, polls, and interactive quizzes with the meeting attendees during an ongoing Webex meeting. You can use it to capture feedback through live event surveys and take attendees’ opinions through live polls. You can create interactive quizzes with this tool to check the knowledge of your meeting attendees.
With interactive and fun quizzes, you can organize virtual events and make them more interactive and engaging.

  • +free trial
  • +analytics
  • +integrations


The price is right for smaller events. If you don’t have a huge number of attendees, it might fit and even give you the feeling that is more than you need.

Despite the support being well rated, whenever you feel you need to do more in depth changes or once your events start growing, sometimes it’s hard to achieve what you need.

Depending on your goals in mid to long term, you might want to look for a more robust solution.

  • + support


Focuses on four event styles: stages, 1:1’s, sessions and expos. The first impact of the look and feel is great. The overall experience has been evaluated as speakers taking a long time to join and a not so easy transition between presenters. This means that sometimes the audience would be left waiting for a while.

As the London based startup just raised US$ 40 million in venture capital, some changes and restructuring of the platform might be coming up.


Unlike the other options in this list, it gives more openness for you to make different virtual events strategies – not only for internal communication, but for sales and marketing as well.

For example, you can use breakout rooms and have different activities happening simultaneously. Plus, you have a series of engagement tools that users can easily see and interact at any moment – like live polling or raising their hand when they want to speak.


The gamification feature is a hit that has a huge impact on sponsors and attendees. The customization and branding possibilities of each event, however, might seem limited for those who like to ensure uniqueness in the events. Despite the great UX for the organizer, one of the most common complaints is that the look and feel of every event they create is pretty much similar.

  • + partnered with big brands


Eventtia defines itself as the most intuitive event management platform available in the market. Indeed, the ease of setup is commonly cited by the app user. But what seems to be upsetting users is the lack of flexibility when it comes to the design and branding portion of setting up their events

  • + ease of setup


Reviews on Capterra suggest that Splash prioritize design and data in the same platform, which is great for both ends – the attendees as well as the organizers. The onboarding process and the account management still see room for improvement though, as their service is more self-service than it might look on a first demo.

  • + design


Whova is an alternative to help organizers to interact with others at a given convention or conference. It also has the capability of keeping delegates informed of event schedule, location, venues and networking.

Though, lack of practicality and customer service are downsides brought up by some of the users that have been frustrated when using the platform.

  • + pricing

Key takeaways

There are some common goals that most of the virtual events are chasing:

  1. Increasing registrations and growing the number of attendees;
  2. Organizing an experience that is functional before being exceptional;
  3. Having a clear vision of the results achieved in the post event phase.

The fewer steps required to reach your objective, the better. When the organizer saves time and has a quick completion process, it could be a signal that the platform they’re using is good for them

However, not every event has the same goals. That’s why it’s so important to have your objectives in mind when choosing a platform for virtual events.

In case you still need help to set objectives for your virtual events, we recommend you to read our “The 2021 Guide for Perfect Virtual Events“.

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