Top three virtual events quick wins we learned in 2020

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Posted on May 28, 2020

Virtual events quick wins are opportunities for improvement that have low operation complexity. Thus, the execution can be done in the short term, there’s a considerable potential for benefit.

We’ve been deepening the concept through the last three months and, after organizing online conferences for 2000+ people, we can now evaluate our best results and share what have been our best results.

Three proven virtual events quick wins to start implementing today

organizing a survey

1. Organize a pre-event survey

It can be a challenging for you to find qualified leads. In our industry, for example (SaaS), one single lead can be as expensive as US$ 369.

At the same time, getting these leads is a major success factor of your virtual events. So try to understand a bit better of who are your registered attendees before every virtual event. Direct mail them with a survey or any pre-event interaction that can help you on adjusting the sessions according to what they’re looking for.

Many people think that direct mail has gone but that’s not the case because it has come up in an advanced version and one can use it as direct mail API. But in fact, it may be still the most effective digital communication tactic. It’s very powerful, especially when integrated with an engaging and personalized question that makes your attendee feel that they’re being part of something.

data of pre-event survey
In this given event, we asked what was the main challenge of our attendees. Therefore, it was easier for us to decide the topics we’d cover and how we’d do it.
Within 3 minutes, you can have a survey to get to know your clients and prospects.

a man giving a visual presentation

2. Make information visual

Have you joined a session in which you see people talking to each other, but you actually don’t know what they are talking about and what topics have already been covered or the next ones?

Forums, seminars, parties, panels, workshops, workshops, among others, are events that aim to transmit information.

The organizer must always keep in mind the most effective options to transmit this content in different ways. Speakers need to have this freedom of discussing topics on a more organic way, it’s true. But it’s essential to reinforce a sequence of what’s being discussed with visual information, as well as the core of that discussion theme.

If the general idea of ​​the event is to promote new products of the company, the use of a big screen with cool photos while the product is being launched, for instance, is crucial. Also, information can be displayed in this presentation, which can be made available to the audience after the occasion.

With an investment in good visual communication for virtual events, your you manage to capture the interest of the guests and ensure that they interact with your brand.

Therefore, generating and keeping attention in preparing this communication for events is crucial to keep a high engagement throughout sessions.

The results and benefits of a well-executed visual communication can bring attendees even after your event has finished, once they’ll be interested in downloading post-event materials.

slides presentation
Improving CX with visuals: during a panel, delivering slides that show what’s the topic being discussed at the moment help the audience to follow the content.

3. Provide plenty of 1:1 networking opportunities

People are always looking for networking opportunities in virtual events. It’s said that 70% of corporate events attendees decide whether to go to an event or not according to who’s going to be there.

That being said, you need to provide this bridge to connect these delegates. This can help drive a long way of successful virtual events. You would be surprised how networking improvements can generate new leads for you and business opportunities for your clients.

Q&A’s or breakout sessions, for instance, are the perfect situation to decentralize communications after a rich content session and encourage attendees to talk to each other.

If you want your virtual events to generate leads and be memorable, it needs to clearly tell people that they’ll be able to meet the guys they’re looking for. Do you want them to sign up for your online sessions? Be sure to highlight who will be there.
Provide your attendees the chance to find who they’re looking for.

How to implement Virtual Events quick wins today

To successfully implement the idea of ​​Quick Wins in your virtual events, you need to avoid some common mistakes. For a start, don’t overload yourself. Trying to solve many problems at once can result in failures that will affect the strategy’s confidence and credibility. So focus on one thing at a time.

Other than that, seeking virtual event quick wins without having the company’s culture as a central point is sure to fail. Only by understanding the characteristics of the business will you be able to identify the processes that can be optimized.

Record information and set deadlines

When you identify what needs to be created or optimized, record the information regarding the problem. If the issue is the low rate of engagements during a session, for example, this data will be important to benchmark and compare to future results.
Understand your attendees’ behavior with analytics of your virtual event

In addition, set deadlines for solutions to be found and implemented. This will help your team to organize itself more efficiently, without compromising planning and productivity.

Whenever there is a consensus on what you’ll do to achieve a quick win, put your hands dirty. As soon as you realize, you’ll be in the virtuous circle of applying changes, measuring results and developing enhancements.

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