Twitter Spaces crashes during DeSantis 2024 – lessons learned on how to avoid platform crashes on events.

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Posted on June 1, 2023

A week ago, a major event was set to take place in the bustling world of social media. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was about to announce his 2024 Republican presidential bid on Twitter Spaces. The anticipation was palpable, the audience was vast, and the stage was set. But alas, the occasion was not to be as the event crashes. The servers of Twitter, the mighty platform of the digital realm, could not handle the surge in traffic. The event crashed repeatedly, disrupting the event and leaving the audience in a state of confusion and disappointment.

This tale, as reported by NBC News, serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that virtual and hybrid events can face. But fear not; every challenge presents an opportunity to learn and improve. In this case, the opportunity lies in understanding how to avoid major platform event crashes and ensure a seamless event experience. This blog post will explore valuable tips to avoid major platform crashes during virtual and hybrid events, helping you ensure a seamless and successful experience for all participants.

Pre-Event Tips:

Choose a Reliable and Scalable Platform:

Choose a Reliable and Scalable Platform:

The first step in avoiding a platform crash is to choose a reliable platform capable of handling the anticipated traffic. Thoroughly evaluate the features, security measures, and track record of potential platforms before deciding. InEvent, for instance, is designed to handle large-scale events without breaking a sweat. It offers robust infrastructure and advanced technology to ensure that your event runs smoothly, no matter how large the audience.

Conduct Extensive Testing:

Before the event, thoroughly test the platform’s functionalities, including audio, video, and chat features. Simulate different scenarios to identify potential Event crashes or technical issues. Involve your team, speakers, and volunteers to participate in mock sessions, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Another effective way to assess how well a platform run is by checking the status of that platform over a period of time. InEvent, for instance, provides a status uptime page that displays live statistics about the platform’s performance. This transparency allows you to monitor the platform’s uptime, updates, and upgrades, giving you confidence in its reliability.

Conduct Extensive Testing to avoid event crash

InEvent has a 99.9% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA), and it runs daily updates on the platform. These updates are non-invasive improvements where the platform is online throughout the whole deployment, and the system does not go offline. Upgrades, which may take the system offline for a given amount of time, are run at specific times and are less frequent. Any upgrades which may carry more than 30 seconds offline are notified through their trust page at least 2 weeks prior.

Monitor and Optimize Bandwidth:

the performance of a virtual or hybrid event platform

Bandwidth constraints can significantly impact the performance of a virtual or hybrid event platform. Work closely with your IT team or service provider to assess the available bandwidth and allocate resources accordingly. Consider using dedicated internet connections or load-balancing techniques to prevent Event crashes due to overwhelming traffic.

Implement Redundancy Measures:

Implement Redundancy Measures:

Prepare for potential system failures by implementing redundancy measures. Have backup servers, multiple internet connections, and redundant power sources in place to mitigate the impact of any technical glitches. Redundancy ensures seamless continuity in case of any unexpected disruptions.

Communicate and Manage Attendee Expectations:

Communicate and Manage event Attendee Expectations

Transparent communication with attendees is crucial. Inform participants about the platform, its capabilities, and any potential limitations. Clearly outline the technical requirements and provide instructions to optimize their setup for the best experience. Manage expectations regarding potential technical hiccups, ensuring attendees understand that unforeseen issues may arise despite careful planning.

Employ a Dedicated Support Team:

Employ a Dedicated Support Team for events

Ensure you have a dedicated support team available during the event to address any technical difficulties participants may encounter. Provide multiple channels for participants to seek assistance, such as email, chat, or dedicated helplines. Rapid response and effective troubleshooting can help resolve issues promptly, minimizing the impact on the overall event.

Instant Tips for Last-Minute Management:

Stay calm and communicate: Keep a cool head and communicate promptly with your team and participants about any changes or issues.

Activate backup plans: Be prepared to quickly activate backup plans, such as switching to an alternative platform or utilizing pre-recorded content.

Engage technical experts: Involve technical experts or IT support to troubleshoot and resolve complex technical problems swiftly.

Monitor social media and feedback channels: Keep an eye on social media and feedback channels to address participant queries and concerns in real time.

Prioritize user experience: Ensure essential functionalities function smoothly and make any required adjustments to enhance the overall experience.

Maintain flexibility: Be adaptable and willing to make quick decisions or adjustments to navigate last-minute challenges successfully.

Conduct post-event analysis: Evaluate challenges faced during last-minute management, document lessons learned, and update event planning strategies accordingly.


In conclusion, while the tale of the Twitter crash serves as a cautionary tale, it also highlights the importance of careful planning, robust infrastructure, and a focus on user experience in virtual and hybrid events. By following these strategies, and with the help of platforms like InEvent, you can ensure that your event is a success, no matter what challenges may arise.

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