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Posted on February 19, 2020

Marketing professionals can feel frustrated with the resistance of their companies and senior managers about going digital the proper way.

If that’s your case, we have an article that can help you on the task of convincing your boss to go digital. Spoiler: it’s much more a matter of “when to go digital” than “should I go digital?”. Businesses that do not adhere to the digital transformation are under serious risks.

In case you’re hard to convince, here’s a digital transformation pocket show by Futurist Gerd Leonhard, summarizing what the next decade looks like:


If you’re the senior manager and need to know why is that, we also recommend you to read the mentioned blog post, especially topic #4. It will take less than five minutes.

What kind of impact digital integrations will bring to my business?

Today, we want to be a bit more specific and go deeper into the reasons why digital integrations are the new foundation of businesses. We want to explain to you exactly how these digital integrations will allow you to apply simple strategies and tactics that can make your conversions way less challenging.

In this article, we’ll cover 5 digital integrations that can drastically impact your results, why you need them and how to easily implement them today. Those are:

  1. Custom landing pages
  2. Pixels and Analytics
  3. Secure connections (SSL)
  4. Integration with Salesforce
  5. Digital financial reports

1. Custom landing pages

Why you need this digital integration: to personalize the landing page purchasing process.

Creating an attractive high-converting registration form has never been so easy. With the support of a platform with the right features and resources, you can create a beautiful landing page. If you use the InEvent platform, for example, you might have noticed we have dozens of professional, beautiful ready-made templates to start from and customize according to your goals.

You can brand these landing pages and, if you have trouble at any time, support will be there via in-app chat or email.

It’s super easy and intuitive to create your page. Just select the template that most relates to your business to start, and drag and drop the items as you wish


2. Pixels

Why: to have Analytics of where your customers are stalling during the acquisition process and boost your sales. 

Resolutions and goals are crucially important to help us achieve our goals, but just establishing them is not enough. We need to understand how to measure them if we want to turn it into reality.

You just created an awesome landing page, so it’s time to track it’s performance. For that, InEvent pixel can provide you with detailed analytics of your whole event website: landing page, registration forms, purchase page, etc.

Plus, you can easily integrate it with your Google Analytics account to conduct a cross data analysis and get insights of your customer behavior during their buying journey.

This funnel optimization integration can either be applied by agencies that have to sell event tickets as their final goals, or by corporate marketing departments who need to understand their attendee’s behavior during and after events and marketing activations.

Sounds too overwhelming? This integration of the InEvent platform with Google Analytics can be done in less than 30 seconds, following these steps.


3. Secure connections (SSL)

Why: to connect with ad platforms, like Google Ads, and easily retarget your visitors.

During the last decade, it has become essential to create means that enable communications in total security. Among the various existing security protocols, there is a very important one, which deserves our attention: it’s the SSL (Secure Socket Layer). It allows that exchange of information in complete security, protecting the integrity of data.

SSL certificate being an essential security for any webmaster, it is advised to purchase SSL certificate from reputed certificate authorities or resellers. Such providers offer well-known brands like RapidSSL, Thawte SSL, GlobalSign SSL, DigiCert SSL certificate, etc. All these SSL certs come with many features that make them worthy.

With a platform that has reached this level of security, like InEvent, you can easily retarget your visitors. For example: if they’ve been to your product launch, but did not buy it, it’s time to send them a coupon discount. Or, if they attended your annual conference, keep warming them up and creating reasons for them to wait impatiently for the next edition.

If you’re not sure about how to do retargeting, we’ve published a thorough article on the subject. You can read it here and understand the main concepts of how to do remarketing using tools like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

4. Integration with Salesforce

Why: to sync lead data and call your customers through the purchase journey.

Since your event marketing strategy is built up to scale, you expect to have your attendee’s data not only during their experiences, but also afterwards. Our integration solution for Salesforce is the ideal option for real time lead sync throughout the experiences of all of your leads.

With Salesforce CRM and InEvent at the heart of your event marketing, you can easily eliminate unnecessary data silos, gaps and duplications. Plus, by integrating the InEvent platform with a CRM like Salesforce, you will increase operational productivity and positively impact your ROI, by having a complete view of your business.

To better understand how to increase your company’s efficiency with the InEvent Salesforce integration, follow these steps:


5. Digital financial reports

Why: to track sales in real time and integrate with external financial solutions, like SAP, to invoice large corporate bills.

Digital payments are expected to hit USD 726 billion along 2020. Financial control is, above all, the administration of all the financial activities of a corporation. It is carried out through reports taken from equity information and cash flow control.

Effective financial management means that you always have the real vision of your company. Therefore, if your marketing can’t speak the same language of your finances, it will be harder to make the correct decision making.

With InEvent financial reports integrations, you are able to send your budget prediction and expenses straight to the ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) you’re currently using, such as SAP.

Collaborating with SAP consulting experts can significantly enhance the integration of InEvent with SAP, ensuring tailored and efficient financial reporting. Their expertise optimizes data flow for improved financial management and decision-making.

This unified control in order to be able to monitor all your marketing efforts will not only bring you more return on your marketing investment, but also improve the efficiency of your financial management.

How to start with digital integrations today

Zapier integrations allow you to connect the InEvent platform with over 1500+ platforms without a single line of code. Using drag and drop, you can link your InEvent registrations, surveys, flights and much more with your preferred marketing CRM, catering company, AV provider or else to create seamless data workflows. You can get notifications, emails, synchronizations and new favorite solutions without expensive custom development work.


Want to boost up your event marketing in 2020? So  start using InEvent today!

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