Best games for virtual events

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The best games for fun virtual events and team meetings

Posted on 01/06/2021

Games are a great way to create fun virtual events, connecting with attendees, and strengthening bonds between your team members.

If you are a virtual event organizer, you are probably interested not only in the content but in the experience. And, you certainly want attendees leaving the event feeling happy and with a shared experience to remember.

Introducing games and activities can create fun virtual events, contributing to a friendly environment, and getting attendees in a good mood. Games featuring fun trivia or competitions can ramp up the energy of a virtual audience.

They can boost excitement from the outset of the event. And, starting with non-work-related activities enables organizers to follow up with work matters with attendees more engaged and proactive.

Otherwise, they can re-engage and re-focus attendees in between sessions that may have lost interest or attention.

Alternatively, if you are putting together a team-building event, playing games together can be fun, energizing, and bond your team. Indeed, taking the time to do some team building through games can reignite that all-important team spirit.

In that light, we have compiled some of the best games and activities for fun virtual events and meetings. These can inspire attendees or bring your team together.

Fun virtual events quizzes and trivia

Fun quizzes and trivia

Setting up fun quizzes and trivia can brighten up the atmosphere of an event or team meeting. For instance, you could ask attendees about their favorite travel destination or their favorite tv series.

Alternatively, you could set up a trivia with questions testing culture or general knowledge.

There is a range of apps that can help you with quizzes and trivia. Kahoot is a great option, as it is user-friendly, interactive, and visually enticing.

Added to that, it is characterized by a fun gamification aspect. On the platform, players gain points with correct answers, and the winners are presented on a final podium.

Distinctively, you can use one of its ready-to-use trivia, which can prove useful if you are not feeling inspired.

Fun virtual events Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is a game where you have a list of items to find or challenges to fulfill, often competing against other teams and constrained by a time limit.

It can be a great team-building activity and serve as a platform to get to know each other better.

In a virtual format, you can set a list of challenges for people to do at home. For instance, you could ask participants to share a selfie with their favorite mug, to resolve a riddle, or to record themselves doing a TikTok dance. Then, you can assign points to each of the items according to their difficulty.

Consider using a dedicated virtual events platform integrating gamification. In a platform such as InEvent, you can add dynamic missions, attendees can submit their tasks and follow a live ranking.

Fun virtual events escape rooms

Virtual escape rooms

An escape room is an adventure game in which a team of players find themselves in a room and must discover hidden clues and solve puzzles to progress and “escape” the room.

Virtual escape rooms follow the same principles without a physical environment, and different teams must solve riddles and puzzles in a fixed amount of time. This shared experience can boost collaboration and team spirit.

 Some of the most popular virtual escape rooms include the Grimm Escape, Hogwarts Digital Escape Room, and Oscar´s Stolen Oscar.

Fun virtual events scattergories


Scattergories is a popular multiplayer game in which the players roll dice with letters and fill out a list of items starting with that letter within certain categories.

These categories can be anything, such as colors, actors, cities, movies, etc. Each original answer gets players one point and the player with the most points at the end of an allotted time wins.

In the online version of scattergories, available at you can set up your game, choose the topic you´d like, and send a link to all the participants. Since it´s easy to play and attendees can relate to it, the game can get people involved and focused.

Fun virtual events human bingo

Virtual human bingo

In a human bingo, the organizer creates bingo cards listing interesting facts about the participants. These can be personalized things such as “plays the piano” or “has lived in New Zealand”. Alternatively, these items can be more general such as “likes to swim” or “can whistle”.

Then, the organizer shows the bingo sheets and gives attendees time to mingle and find people matching the cards. As customary, the game ends when someone yells bingo (having completed the sheet) or when the allotted time has finished.

This game is great entertainment and allows participants to get to know each other better. A great way to set it up online is using a virtual events platform enabling private 1:1 chats and video conferencing.

Virtual board and card games

Virtual board and card games

Keeping in mind the number of attendees or team members involved, you could also consider the online versions of classical board and card games. For instance, games like checkers, crazy eights, and backgammon are available at

Other classic games that are suited for remote play include Pictionary, where you draw something and other players have to guess what it is, and Mafia (also called Werewolf) in which each player is secretly assigned a role within a team and has to eliminate suspects.

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