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Posted on November 18, 2020

Do you already have a solid virtual event checklist? Checklists a wide known tool for event profs. This is essential to define where to start and what are the next steps whenever an action is completed.

If you are not yet in the habit of creating virtual events checklists, you can download your editable template now, so you can see every step of your virtual event planning as a whole.

Still, in case you want to go in detail in any of the presented aspects, we linked some of the items with the exclusive resources we have about them. Likewise, in each one of them, you’ll find a comprehensive guide of the best tactics to organize and promote virtual events of any size and complexity.

1. Virtual event checklist: pre-event

  1. Define event goals
  2. Define the main theme and topics
  3. Define Visual ID (along with theme/topic) 
  4. Invite partners for organization and co-marketing
  5. Outline your team
  6. Format: live or pre-recorded, panels, lectures, etc.
  7. Invite and confirm keynote speakers
  8. Dry runs with speakers 
  9. Invite and confirm sponsors (How to pitch solid Virtual Events for brands, sponsors and partners, with slide presentation plan)
  10. Make an agenda and define the session timings
  11. Choose a reliable platform that can handle pre, during and post-event aspects
  12. Hardware that attends minimum requirement (Best devices to run a virtual event)
  13. Promote it (Marketing Plan for Virtual Events: how CX makes its magic when bringing people together virtually)

2. Virtual event day(s)

  1. Double-check the program and sessions
  2. Keep promoting
  3. Chat moderation and social listening
  4. Support
  5. Live streaming set up (How to host virtual events [the right way])
  6. Breakout sessions
  7. Interactions (6 popular plug-in apps that will make your virtual event more interactive)

3. Post-event

  1. Deliver post-event recording
  2. Ask for feedback (NPS for events: why it’s crucial and how to start using)
  3. Analyze data and measure KPI’s with your event management platform (leads generated, how long each attended stayed at the event, what were the most popular sessions, etc)
  4. Encourage conversations to keep going on in your communities (Online Communities 101: why brands need to have one and how to start yours)

In conclusion

Today, producing a virtual event is the most effective way to bring people together virtually. Thus, our consolidated virtual event checklist can assist you in transforming it into a streamline and scalable process.

Therefore, communicating with your audience through a virtual event will be much more effective and generate surprising results. So, it is no wonder that major players in the global market are using this resource with great emphasis.

It is through virtual and online shows that we’ll likely see companies selling their products and services in 2021, advertising the most important materials and expanding their reach while keeping costs low.

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