The theme of our 7th Annual Patient-Centered Approach to Clinical Trials Conference is: Embedding Cancer Clinical Trials Research into Clinical Practice.

 Over the course of the past several years, we have made significant progress in fostering patient and patient group partnerships among researchers and stakeholders engaged in cancer clinical trials and their engagement in the clinical trial continuum.

 Our objectives this year are:

  • Lay out the case for embedding clinical trials into clinical practice
  • Educate on how embedding clinical trials into clinical practice supports and builds a learning health system
  • Explore, using the CTTI model as a foundation, how embedding clinical trials into clinical practice can be achieved in Canada
  • Gain cross stakeholder perspective and input on barriers and facilitators to moving forward

 The 7th edition of this Conference is structured as follows:


“When research data is collected separately from a clinical care setting, studies may produce results that do not reflect the real-world performance of medical products in the populations that will use them. Researchers can bridge these gaps by embedding adequate and well-controlled trials into regular clinical practice. The bigger question that remains is how best to facilitate the integration of interventional trials into clinical practice.”

CITTI 2022 

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