Community Catalysts are pleased to welcome you to our 'Passionate People: Making a Positive Difference' events, sponsored by Esmée Fairbairn and Power to Change and in partnership with the University of Birmingham. 

The events see the launch of the findings from the latest report by the University of Birmingham on the case for investment in support of passionate people running community enterprises and community businesses. There will be opportunities to:

  • Learn about the positive effect community enterprises have on local economies
  • Hear from leading councils and commissioners about the systems and cultures that strengthen community resilience and help community enterprises flourish
  • See how community enterprises can fill in the gaps between services and how they have been vital through the recent crisis
  • Feel the passion from the people in our communities through their amazing stories and experiences

This registration form is for the 29th of September 2020 if you are looking to register on the 24th of September 2020 please click here.

More about us

Community Catalysts are a small collective of highly skilled professionals with unrivalled experience in people-led social care and health. We see the world differently, celebrating the strength of people and community. We know how to help local people help other local people. We bring our values, creativity and passion to everything we do.  We know that one size never fits all so everything we do is bespoke. All our work has local impact and national influence.

Communities Care

We help people and communities across the country to use their talents to start and run small enterprises and community businesses that support and care for other local people. They create good local jobs and keep local money local. They help people live a good life, connected with and contributing to their community.

Find out more about Communities Care here

People Can

People sometimes need support to live their lives. The help they need can overshadow their skills. This waste of talent hurts the person, their community and society. We help people dream and make things happen. We help local organisations to create the conditions in which people can follow their dreams.

We are working in partnership with Kingston Council on a 2 year project which is supporting people with a disability to use their assets and strengths and aims to:

  • inspire people to become leaders
  • offer people a friendly and supportive point of contact to explore ideas
  • support people to develop a local group, enterprise or small business

Community Catalysts are currently working with a talented triathlete, Sam Holness who is on the autistic spectrum to set up his own community enterprise (alongside support from his dad Tony) with the aim of encouraging people with a disability to get active and eat healthily. Take a look at Sam in action – he really will be an amazing inspiration to others and setting up a community enterprise is a great way to bring his talent to life...

Find out more about People Can here

Innovators Learn

We help people find ways to approach health and care that put people before systems. We offer accessible, engaging learning opportunities for health and care practitioners and people who use health or care services. All our personal development programmes have a strong focus on people’s strengths, building on what works well.

Find out more about Innovators Learn here

Local Area Coordination Network

The Local Area Coordination Network supports the ongoing learning and development of the Local Area Coordination model in England and Wales. Local Area Coordination is a practical, assets-based approach that is being adopted by a growing number of local authorities and health partners across England and Wales.

Find out more about Local Area Coordination and the Local Area Coordination Network here

Small Good Stuff

Small Good Stuff is our directory website which does two things: Firstly, it links people who need care or support with local people who might help. Secondly it helps small organisations that offer care or support, providing them with information, publicity and access to a friendly network.

Find out more about Small Good Stuff here

The Buzz

The Buzz was created in response to Covid-19 restrictions to allow community enterprises working in Birmingham and Rotherham (two of our contract areas) to take their activities online. We knew that as community centres, colleges and day opportunities closed, people were seeking accessible ways to keep busy and to connect with others safely. The Buzz enables people who have lost their traditional day supports to access and enjoy online activities delivered by community enterprises. We soon extended The Buzz to community enterprises from all areas where we have worked previously  and made it available to anyone who thought they would benefit. 

From March-August we have shared over 70 videos on the Buzz covering dance, fitness, baking, art, yoga and writing, as well as fun games and challenges. We’ve learnt how to juggle, to dance disco style, to paint like Picasso and to bake biscuits! The videos are hosted as a Facebook group with a community of 380 people and for people not on Facebook the videos are added to our dedicated webpage on Small Good Stuff. Around 200 people from across the UK and even Europe have been accessing the videos here!

One member said the Buzz is ‘bringing colour to otherwise dull days’

A Senior Community Nurse told us "I have recommended the page to some of the individuals I work with as a Community Nurse and this has been a great source of support for one person in particular.  They have done some of the activities and watched some of the videos that are posted on the page.  This has been a very encouraging source of support. I would definitely recommend joining the Buzz!"

Many councils are rethinking the way in which they support people to enjoy purposeful day opportunities and as part of this rethink some are talking to us about creating local versions of The Buzz. 

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