The Global Forum for Adolescents and 1.8 Billion Young People for Change Campaign.
The Global Forum for Adolescents and the 1.8 Billion Campaign 

There are 1.8 billion adolescents and youth in the world today– the largest cohort in history. Many countries are lagging in prioritizing tailored national policies and programs with matching investments to keep pace with their heterogenous needs. More focus will yield a triple benefit: today, into adulthood, and for the next generation. 

Aiming to unite young people in the largest-ever gathering for adolescent well-being, the Global Forum for Adolescents is part of a global campaign to mobilize political and financial commitments for this important population group. Partners from more than 130 countries will unite through national events and a two-day virtual mainstage in October 2023. 

All young people and partners are invited to be part of the Forum and campaign to spark long-term action and lasting change for adolescent well-being.  

Policy change is possible

Countries advancing on addressing adolescents and youth well-being are taking holistic/ concerted approaches to ensure they reach their full potential. This involves bringing together different sectors to integrate health and nutrition programmes with programmes focused on education, employability and skills, safety and support, positive values and contributions to society, as well as agency and resilience.  

Young people must be heard

Young people are coming together to speak out for their needs and priorities. A new global campaign, 1.8. billion young people for change, — demanding action and accountability, setting targets for increased political and financial commitment to adolescent well-being by national governments, and global platforms — kick starts now.  


This campaign builds on the energy of the Adolescents2030 campaign, driven by the Call to Action for Adolescents, to have everyone commit to making adolescent health and well-being a priority.

Global Forum for Adolescent - Curtain Raiser
What Young People Want

How to engage?

  • Are you an adolescent? (<25 years old)

    Make YOUR VOICE heard! The time for action is NOW! Use the link below to join the What Young People Want Chatbot!

  • Are you an organization?

    Join us! We want to ensure inclusivity of harder-to-reach communities, whether through direct digital means and/or through an “offline mobilizer”. The Chatbot will enable greater reach and participation by young people in PMNCH than ever before, and our mobilizers will facilitate this engagement, ensuring everyone has a say, every voice is heard, and no one is left behind!

    Sign up to be part of our Mobilizer training in Q1, 2023

This Chatbot campaign is powered by our Partner White Ribbon Alliance.

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Spread the word

We need your help in building a drumbeat of action throughout the coming year to draw attention to the key issues concerning adolescents and youth, engage key stakeholders and changemakers, and impact country-level change. This partner engagement kit provides everything you’ll need to spread the word in your networks. It will be updated frequently with fresh information and assets as the campaign progresses