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Welcome to the 2021 Fall PVMA Virtual Event! We are excited to bring this line up of speakers to the community. There have been 3 CEC's approved in Alberta & Saskatchewan and 2 in BC. There are also 3 CEU's approved.

Sponsored by the PVMA Casino Committee.

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  • 7:00
    to 9:00
    Join us in the PVMA Sponsor Booth!
    Join us in the PVMA Sponsor Booth!
  • 9:00
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    Welcome: Kick-off Session
    Welcome: Kick-off Session
    Welcome to the PVMR Fall Virtual Conference!

    During this session we are going to give an overview of how InEvent works!
  • 9:15
    to 10:00
    Wood Wide Web - Healthy Root/Health Trees: Toso Bozic
    Wood Wide Web - Healthy Root/Health Trees: Toso Bozic
    Recent studies indicate that trees communicate with each other through a vast network of root systems, referred to informally as the "Wood-Wide Web". This presentation will examine the relationship of sail and tree roots and highlight potential damages that may result from tree root injuries and environmental causes. Knowing and understanding where tree roots are located, how they grow and interact, and how to manage their health, is crucial for the overall survival and thriving of trees.
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    to 10:15
    Q & A & Credit Discussion
    Q & A & Credit Discussion
  • 10:15
    to 10:30
    Coffee Break and Networking
    Coffee Break and Networking
  • 10:30
    to 11:15
    Recent Advances in Sprayer Technology: Tom Wolf
    Recent Advances in Sprayer Technology: Tom Wolf
    The past few years have seen an explosion of innovation in three specific areas. First is new nozzle technology. Ultra Course dicamba nozzles, nozzles for Pulse Width Modulation, and Twin Nozzles are most important and can assist operators with improved spray targeting. Seocnd is more efficient sprayer boom plumbing to prevent water and pesticide waste during priming and cleaning. And third is the rise of optical spot spraying in which sensors identify plants so that bare areas are not sprayed. All these technologies are commercially available or simple to implement. Put together, these changes can improve the speed, stewardship, and cost efficiency of any spray operation.
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    Q & A & Credit Discussion
    Q & A & Credit Discussion
  • 11:30
    to 13:00
    Lunch Break and Networking
    Lunch Break and Networking
  • 13:00
    to 13:45
    New Herbicides: Continuous Improvement: David Pinzon
    New Herbicides: Continuous Improvement: David Pinzon
    This presentation will cover the general steps and aspects considered during the discovery of new herbicides. We will use Rinskor Active, a new active ingredient from Corteva Agriscience, to show the attributes considered for the development of new herbicides, and the benefits that new innovations represent to sustainability goals.

    Rinskor active is currently being assessed for registration under the Pest Control Products Act. It cannot be manufactured, imported, distributed, or used in Canada at this time, unless explicit authorization has been obtained from Health Canada to use this product for the purpose of conducting research under the Pest Control Products Regulations.
  • 13:45
    to 14:00
    Q & A & Credit Discussion
    Q & A & Credit Discussion
  • 14:00
    to 14:15
    Coffee Break and Networking
    Coffee Break and Networking
  • 14:15
    to 15:15
    PVMA Fall General Meeting
    PVMA Fall General Meeting



  • David Pinzon Latorre

    Regulatory Affairs Manager, Crop Production and Biotech @ Corteva Agriscience

    David Pinzon studied in Colombia a BSc in Microbiology and a MSc in Plant Pathology, then he came to Canada in 2009 to complete a PhD in Plant Biology at the University of Alberta. David was recruited by Corteva in 2014 to join the field scientist group and shortly after he joined the regulatory group in Calgary. In the last four years, David has been in charge of the Pasture and Land Management regulatory activities, this includes supporting the customers by providing the technical answers they need to operate successfully. David loves to share his knowledge on science and agriculture; he has reached out to thousands of kids and teachers across Alberta and has presented to several vegetation management audiences.
  • Isabelle Thibout

    Product Manager Horticulture, Pasture and Land Management at Corteva Agriscience@

    Passionate about Agriculture and Marketing, I developed technical and commercial expertise. I like to take on new challenges, I hold two Master Degrees in Engineering and Management and have a certificate in Leadership from UC Berkeley. I am currently undertaking a certificate in Graphic Design from UoCalgary. I am also registered as an Agronomist/Certified Crop Adviser (CCA), Certified Crop Science Consultant (CCSC) and Agrologist (PAg).
  • Laura Smith

    Field Scientist @ Corteva Agriscience

  • Tom Wolf

    @ Agrimetrix

    Tom Wolf is a spray application specialist, based in Saskatoon. He grew up on a farm in Manitoba and studied agriculture at the University of Manitoba (BSA, M.Sc.) and the Ohio State University (PH.D.). Tom has over 30 years research experience in spray technology, including work on spray drift, coverage, efficacy, sprayer cleanout, waste disposal and risk assessment, With Jason Deveau, Tom hosts and writes for the world's number one sprayer website, Sprayers101.com. He is a past president and Fellow of the Canadian Weed Science Society and has been named Distinguished Agrologist with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrology.
  • Toso Bozic

    @ Yard Whispers

    Toso Bozic is a tree expert with experience, knowledge and passion in trees, forestry and agro-forestry. He graduated from the University of Belgrade in Yugoslavia with a degree in Forest Engineering. He is a member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA) and is an ISA Certified Arborist. With 25 years experience he is a leading consultancy service provider of every aspect of trees and forestry. As a result, we learn about growing, caring, maintaining, pest protections, environmental, social and economic values of trees.

Co-Technical Director

  • Brandon Tupper

    Knights Digital

  • Sean Hilton

    Knights Digital

PVMA Co-Host

  • Keith Sanftleben


  • Lisa Rybchuk

    President @ PVMA


  • Aaron Foster


  • Bob Gordon

    PVMA UTT-UTW Director

  • Geoff Thompson


  • Holly Moffet

    PVMA Director

  • Jesse Imbault

    PVMA Director in charge of Safety Committee

  • Laura Hammer

    PVMA Vice-President & Casino/Membership Director

  • Valerie Eichelt

    PVMA Office Manager

  • Vaughn Leuschen

    PVMA Government Liaison/Protocol Director

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