InEvent Virtual Lobby Testing Tool Start Running
Follow the steps below to check if everything works for InEvent Virtual Lobby.
{{item.label}} Start
Test report
  • done warning close {{item.label}} keyboard_arrow_down keyboard_arrow_up
Browser check
In this step, we will check if the browser is supported by InEvent Virtual Lobby.
Checking {{browserInfo}}
Microphone check
In this step, we will check if your mic works properly.
Say something to your microphone and see if the progress bar below changes.
Sample music
Speaker check
Play the sample music on the right, and see if you can hear it. Yes No
Resolution check
We will check if video of typical resolutions displays properly.
Resolutions {{item.width + ' * ' + item.height}} done close more_horiz
We will build a receiver and a sender to check the network connection. Please wait...
Seeing is believing, let us open the camera and have a look? Yes No {{item.resolution.replace("_1", "")}}