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How to engage employees when things go wrong

Date: May 16

Speaker: Melissa Delay

Drive Results by Strengthening People Management Capabilities

Date: May 17

Speaker: Raluca Apostol

Key accessibility considerations to know while organizing inclusive virtual events

Date: May 18

Speaker: Megan Strahle

Plan, incentive, compensate and retain: How to keep employees/customers motivated

Date: May 20

Speaker: Jeff Campbell

Customer Experience

Date: May 23

Speaker: Mary Drumond

Is it Speaker to innovate your brand image?

Date: May 24

Speaker: Susan Taylor

Go-to-market strategy

Date: May 25

Speaker: Jorge Arturo Del Toro Saab

The future of content and digital trends

Date: May 26

Speaker: Marissa Pick

Main challenges we face today to drive engagement and build community

Date: May 27

Speaker: Simon Crownshaw

How to get a large project started

Date: May 30

Speaker: Michelle Nicole McNabb

Identifying and managing roadblocks

Date: May 31

Speaker: Susan Taylor

The Evolution of Trade Shows: Where Do We Go From Here?

Date: June 1

Speaker: Marlys Arnold

Effective communication - external and internal

Date: June 2

Speaker: Jelisaveta Mihajlovic

Good Practice pitfall & automation in Event Project Management

Date: June 3

Speakers: Isaïe Simonnet and Timothée Pineau

Innovation that changed the payment landscape

Date: June 6

Speaker: Johnny Ang

Leadership, Neuromarketing and copywriting, and Neuroscientific pitching

Date: June 7

Speakers: Bogdan Manta and Lewis Booij

UX/UI - Handoff into the developer workflow

Date: June 8

Speaker: Ivan Huerta

How to become a customer-centric organization through digital transformation

Date: June 9

Speaker: Freek Van Laar

The rise of process automation - A silent revolution

Date: June 10

Speakers: Isaïe Simonnet and Timothée Pineau

The Future of Technology and Healthcare

Date: June 13

Speaker: Christy Lamka

How to get a large project started

Date: June 14

Speaker: Michelle Nicole McNabb


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Bogdan Manta

Founder @ The Essential Experts

Christy Lamka

Chief Knowledge Officer and Vice President @ Thrive360

Freek Van Laar

Partner @ Tway

Isaïe Simonnet

Co-Founder at PolyPlay / CTO - Digital Producer at EPEAK Studio @ EPEAK Studio / PolyPlay

Ivan Huerta

CEO @ Parabeac

Jeff Campbell

CEO/Founder @ Mootivation Technologies

Jelisaveta Mihajlovic

Senior Project Manager @ Interprefy

Johnny Ang

Head of Payment Innovation and Partnership @ Jeripay Pte Ltd

Jorge Arturo del Toro

Business Consultant @

Lewis Booij

Founder @ The Essential Experts

Marissa Pick

Senior Director, Performance Marketing @ PROS

Marlys Arnold

Founder @ Exhibit Marketers Cafe

Mary Drumond

Chief Marketing Officer @ Worthix

Megan Strahle

Assistant Sustainability Advisor @ The Bulb

Melissa Delay

Founder @ TruPerception

Michelle Nicole McNabb

Owner/Founder & Director of Events @ Emenee Marketing 'n'​ Events

Raluca Apostol

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @ Nestor

Simon Crownshaw

Worldwide Strategy Director - Media and Entertainment @ Microsoft

Susan Taylor

Founder @ Chaos Gaming & Creative Solutions

Timothée Pineau

Co-Founder at PolyPlay / Chairman at EPEAK Studio @ PolyPlay / EPEAK Studio