5 Trends in Commercial Excellence for 2021



1. Defining commercially capable organizations for monetizing innovation

There are multiple ways for an organization to embark on a commercial excellence journey and there is no one-fits-all answer but to understand the starting angle one needs to understand the four main pillars of pricing excellence that are pivotal for a commercially capable organisation. No matter where the organisation stands on the evolution spectrum, startup, SMB, SME, large enterprise, the adoption of any of these four pillars in this pricing excellence model can bring the organisation one step closer to build those commercial capabilities that secure the monetisation of any investment. 

2. Planning for the unknown: using scenario planning for strategic developments

Looking at indicators for business uncertainty, the market volatility index comparing February 2020 vs. end of 2020 is up 60%. So how do you plan for uncertainty? Looking to the future to make decisions today is your tool for planning, or scenario planning. We will examine how this can be used to prepare for the unknown in pricing to support overall strategy work. 

3. Utilization of value-based buying and outcomes-centric transformation models

The need for genuine business transformation is on the rise - accelerated by Covid and other disrupting factors. However, the required investment and associated risk to transform, and do it properly, is significant. More than 80% of transformation initiatives fail to achieve even 50% of their business case, and it's not for a lack of trying or resources. The fact is that there are fundamental flaws in how companies typically set up and execute their initiatives. Learn how you can de-risk your investment and achieve guaranteed outcomes.

4. “The Great Reset”: The impact of global corporate insolvency on commercial excellence

Covid-19 has fast-tracked a global corporate insolvency crisis and will thrust B2B companies to adapt in ways not previously thought about. We will explore some of these aspects and the potential ways to prepare for them within your commercial excellence value chain. 

5. The rise of B2B e-commerce channels

We’ve seen a significant change in how businesses engage with customers throughout their sales cycle recently. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, most B2B companies accelerated their efforts to digitise customer journeys, shifting meetings to video conferences, and exploration of self-service platforms to execute sales. In many ways, this change was inevitable, had been foreseen, and widely debated. There was, however, no catalyst for change, until now that is.


In this virtual rapid-fire session, you will hear from 5 commercial excellence experts with 8 minutes each to present on the "what, why, and how" of 5 trends to know in 2021.

These trends have been identified either as emerging or accelerated from events in 2020. Delivered in a short and concise manner to deliver you packed insight in just one session!

You will have the opportunity to ask questions with a 15min Q&A session to conclude. Read about the topics below and then save your spot by registering now!


Alan Mcloy

Value Consultant

Alan is an experienced consultant and certified Project Management Professional (PMP)® with 11 years of professional experience across multiple industries.

He has driven the delivery of new business propositions, deployment of new systems and implementation of business processes across multiple geographies. Alan has extensive business intelligence experience and is also a Certified Scrum Product Owner.

Darius Fekete

Business Consultant

Darius is a Business Consultant with 12+ years of professional experience in pricing and digital transformations. He is an advocate for elevating commercial excellence to strategic levels in organizations and an expert in building dynamic pricing capabilities in commoditized markets.

Before joining Vendavo, he delivered several complex business transformation initiatives in B2B manufacturing, distribution, and financial services. Darius also worked at Simon-Kucher & Partners advising clients on top-line growth, price optimization and margin improvement initiatives.

Darius holds a Masters in International Economic Relations from the Cracow University of Economics in Poland.

Kalle Aerikkala

Senior Business Consultant

Kalle Aerikkala has worked within the pricing and product management profession for the last 12 years, starting with Finnish technology companies supporting service and spare part pricing globally. Currently Kalle works with Vendavo as a Senior Consultant helping broad range of customers to achieve better results through improved pricing. Even after 12 years every day you learn something new and the world of pricing is incredibly interesting as it touches on basically every function within a company.

Ramin J. Imani

Management Consultant

A driven and entrepreneurial-minded business consultant with a focus on strategic and digital operational pricing. He has experience of working with multitudes of international manufacturers and distributors on designing and implementing global pricing strategies and digital transformation. Personally has passion for business development strategy within digital deep tech vertical. He was awarded in 2017 his PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in energy and aerospace. 

Shawn Ehmann

Global Vice President - Services Sales

Shawn has over 23 years’ experience in directing digital transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 companies around the world. Passionate about Commercial Excellence having lead practices across many institutions including consultancies such as Deloitte, a visiting professor at EADA Business School Barcelona for global top-30 master’s program, and successful in founding a profitable healthcare start-up. At Vendavo, Shawn is responsible for strategic assessment and execution for customers success, with emphasis on continuous engagement for customer value realization.