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How in-person experiences will look like in the next months, with Michael Buckley, CEO @ Cadence.

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The instability in which we are living due to the pandemic demands companies to exchange ideas among themselves. So, today...

Choosing the best platform for hybrid events, with Eugenia Gorkowa, CEO at EG Event Productions

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Choosing the best virtual event platform is a fundamental step. Especially if you want to be successful in increasing attendance...

[Interview] What marketing profs will need in a post-pandemic world, with advisor Michel Lent

Views: 8124

As a consequence of all this rapid transition caused by COVID-19, substantial changes will affect the careers of marketing profs....

Personalized communities, with Event Consultant Liz Caruso

Views: 8338

With the sudden change of consumer habits of the last three months or so, having a community that cares about what you have to...

The Virtual Event Planner role, with Ashanti Bentil-Dhue

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Specialized in helping companies to develop their middle management to become effective leaders and drive business growth,...

Why is event marketing technology so popular? With G2 EMEA Marketing Manager Charlie Taylor.

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Familiarizing yourself with putting new event marketing technology at the center of marketing strategies implementations, such as...

Is Customer Experience the new branding? With Josh King, Head of Business Development at emc3.

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Thanks to digitization, customers’ expectations often exceed the quality of brand experiences. In this scenario, is the focus...

Demystifying storytelling for business, with TED Speaker and Keynote Storyteller Dawn Herscher.

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Stories transform brain chemistry, changing our feelings, perceptions and, consequently our behaviors. For this reason,...

Aleksandra Panyukhina, Head of Event Marketing at SEMrush, reveals how to perfectly integrate digital and in-person experiences.

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Is there a more relevant topic than Consumer Journey on the agenda of event marketing today? Not surprisingly, digital and...

Most read articles of 2019

Views: 9161

The year is almost over and it’s time to remember the most read articles of 2019! Firstly, we’d like to thank our...

Events in the healthcare industry, with Event Coordinator Rennan Tonini.

Views: 9711

How to pass the credibility of a product with a tone a voice that is simultaneously commercial, but also scientific? Medical...

Mindfulness for performance-driven professionals, with Joy Rains [Interview]

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“Mindfulness is an open awareness of the present moment“. That’s how Joy Rains, author of “Meditation...

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