Event pass and check-in

Discover how your check-in can become an amazing experience for your guests.

Badge layout

You decide what your attendees' badges look like. With a simple and powerful interface, you choose from up to 30 options the layout of your badge. You can choose between names, first names, last names, roles, companies and event custom fields! This allow you to have the information for your business needs, which can improve groups selection, networking, etc.

Secure pass

Our customizable secure pass allows attendees to bring a permanent secure badge with them across venues for check-in and check-out. You can define numeric accesses per person on specific venues. The pass can be available on different platforms, including Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, email inbox, printable paper, badge stickers and mobile app. Bring your digital power to a quick agile event.

Badge printing

If your event has few attendees, you can also print and prepare all your badges prior to the event start. With our simple export function, you can generate a full list with all the attendees labels, which can be printed individually with compatible printers.

NFC bands

Ideal for corporate trips, these wristbands allow you to search in real time attendees on lounges, rooms, buses and air planes. The bands can be worn 24 hours a day, requiring no maintenance, no batteries renewal and no bath removal. The wristbands can be colorful, have your customer logos and brands. Your event becomes more personal, more digital and much more practical.

Live reports

You can have real statistics from the event as soon as your attendees start their registration. When they arrive at the event, you can access live data on your mobile app or through the web dashboard. With clear metrics such as current registrations, printed badges, live people at the event and even attendee control on each room/session.

Access control

After your attendees receive their badges, they can proceed to your available entrance gates. There, security personnel is able to scan their QR Codes or email credentials, which allow for a smooth experience while quickly gaining access to the event. If internet is available, data can be synced automatically and, if not, it can be securely stored offline for a further analysis.

Lead retrieval

Sponsors can easily capture relevant information from attendees with their mobile lead collector. In a few seconds, an attendee badge or app can be scanned, which will enable access to all his available information and spreadsheets. Lead scoring and live browsing can also be enabled through more advanced packages, allowing your premium sponsors to see their progress, understand their potential leads and renew their sponsorship.

Self-service kiosk

With an impressive performance, our self-service kiosks can quickly check-in your attendees in less than 3 seconds . To identify themselves, you decide if attendees can use QR Codes, emails or personal ID's to get their badges. Onsite enrollment is also available to manage last minute registrations.

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