Software for live agencies

Clients expect more for their business when they look for an agency. Deliver more with your event agency and attract long, profitable partnerships. Deliver more with stunning, effective and gorgeous software.

Software for live agencies

Host high-level events that make the most out of your clients budget

When creating high-end experiences to your clients, avoiding the expectation gap is key to satisfaction and retention. Lead customer guests through a journey of discovery, professional growth and networking at branded meetings, conferences, incentive travels, exhibitions or any kind of live marketing promotion. Manage events end-to-end or just tackle your biggest priority, regardless if it is about improving ticketing and registration processes, keeping communications flowing, delegating team workload or ensuring assets and resources are delivered on time. Personalize experiences with the current budget, deliver more than competitors and stand out with industry leading ROI.

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Go paperless and maximize effectiveness

Go paperless and maximize effectiveness

Retire the outdated paperwork and secure consistency throughout your events lifecycle with the event tech you can use. Ensure proficient event management that creates solid and memorable occasions. Highlight sponsors and drive unparalleled engagement with an event app that offers a great experience from the beginning. Reduce costs for your customer, position your business as a agile, digital and environmental friendly agency and differentiate your service offerings.

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Provide your clients with advanced reports that deliver ROI

Provide your clients with advanced reports that deliver ROI

You need to customize the look and feel of your experiences, but also deliver your ROI. Warm up touchpoints with existing clients and bring new ones, assisting them with easy to use software that quickly provide the information that you need for your reports. Our responsive global Customer Success team is ready to onboard your agency, speaking your language, on your business hours, communicating your goals and making sure united teams win together.

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