Event software for in-person events and meetings

In-person, IRL and live events are easy with the best event management platform. Find out why we are the #1 choice for eventprofs since 2013.

No more chaos at the door

Provide a streamlined system to do the accreditation at your event’s entrance. Sort different tickets and lists for different badges and passes. Use our NFC technology for self registration on kiosks and promote a touchless safe experience at your entrance. Impress your attendees right from the get-go.

A compass in hand

Make sure your attendees are always aware of where to find places and activities at your in-person event. Provide blueprints, maps and videos in your own mobile app so your entire space is mapped out and everything is easy to locate.

Maximum attendance

Help attendees meet in-person with their personalized agenda, so they can attend IRL sessions and visit every booth. InEvent is your mobile app. Have your activities listed out and allow users to set alerts and read information about your attractions to choose what and when they want to see them.

Meaningful connections

Allow your attendees to take advantage of social profiles, direct messages, live feed, file sharing, and speed networking to engage with each other and make new connections. You can build a truly exclusive social network for in-person events.

Hybrid Experiences

Use technology to promote digital experiences throughout your live events. Create gamified experiences for prizes and swags. Collect real time feedback from sessions and activities and promote polls and quizzes throughout the event. All using your own custom mobile app for in-person events.

Intelligent Data

One of the perks of having digital technology in your live events is being able to gather data from your attendees for reports and analytics. With your mobile app in hand, you can track all the steps, interactions, check-ins, votes and feedback from your attendees. IRL events can benefit from better engagement and success with our in-person experiences.

The complete platform for all your events

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