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Marketo Launchpoint

Your Marketo lists can include created lists, associated emails, given names or attached tags. This synchronization makes it easy to import and export data between InEvent and Marketo. The organizer will be able to automatically import all data captured on Marketo's landing pages to the InEvent platform, registering all within your corporate event. Synchronization occurs automatically and even allows custom fields to be used!

Salesforce appexchange

InEvent and Salesforce common integrations include lead syncronization through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, global syncing with InEvent's CRM and also feed object integration at the chatter module. You can overview your whole customer life cycle at single or multiple events, tracking which person has gone to more events; which events someone has attended; how much you have spent with this person at your events. Integrations work bidirectionally, so data is synced back and forth to your Salesforce database.

Google Analytics

InEvent works with Google Analytics to integrate your event website, landing pages, registration forms and payment pages with your most updated stats. Using your UA tracking id, you can capture any relevant information from InEvent pages and process them on your Google Analytics console, gathering information around purchase flow, persona filters, optimization settings and traffic updates.

PayPal Partner Solutions Directory

Paypal allows customers to sell any monetary value across 200 plus countries and 25 plus currencies. This leverages power to the event manager as selling tickets, bookings and other assets become easier than ever. Your solution is PCI compliant out of the box and allows flexible rates for high volumes, with security and compliance for your company.


Hubspot is a popular marketing CRM. You can easily send your registrations to Hubspot and import details using bidirectionally workflows. You can tag new leads and now from which event they came from, allowing to create email cadences and workflows on your Hubspot workspace.


Stripe is one of the most innovative startups. With InEvent Stripe integration you can plug and play a simple PCI compliant popup which allows credit card input directly at your event registration main screen. Your merchant account receives money from Stripe so you can move it to your banks without InEvent interference. Any fees can be directly managed from your Stripe account.


Wirecard is a payment company with global reach. Using this integration you will be able to have a 100% native experience on your registration page, allowing multiple local currencies to be used and support for installments. Your form will be available as a white label product, without InEvent logos or Wirecard logos. Users will not have to login on other page or even leave your website as they complete their purchase.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics provides integration between your contacts lists and InEvent's central CRM database, syncing data bidirectionally from both sides. You can also provide employees database syncronization through Active Directory (AD) syncing. Updates or removals can be done automatically from your preferred settings.

SAP Cloud Platform

SAP has a unique component called the cloud platform. If enabled, it can sync all of your event data, including financial information, budget compliance, order numbers, lists and enrollments. It creates a way to outsource your bidding process to your event team, allowing for more flexibility and speed. Then, a consolidated report can be synced with SAP payments schedule.


Zapier uses the no code strategy to deliver integrations with 1500+ platforms using only mouse clicks. You can send your most popular workflows to other platforms and easily connect them with intuitive clicks. InEvent helps your integrate registrations, forms, surveys, flights, shuttles and more!

Agora delivers easy to embed Real-Time Engagement APIs which includes all the development tools and cloud infrastructure needed for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Your integration

InEvent can connect with any system available using our fully documented API, with webhooks and SDK's for the most common platforms. Integrations can be developed from us or your tech teams expertise.

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