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The ultimate solution for universities looking to optimize their online classes and provide students with an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Optimize time and engage students with an innovative online classes platform

  • As a tutor with a trunk load of tasks to complete, you can optimize time by exploring InEvent's versatile video modes to allow universities to stream online classes live and on demand.

  • The InEvent platform offers a File Repository for multimedia study materials, including images, documents, videos, and textbooks, making it the perfect software for universities offering online classes.

  • The 'Raise Hands' feature notifies tutors of students who want to share ideas with the class or ask questions, fostering active participation and collaboration in virtual classrooms.

  • Award credits to students with high participation during online classes by generating a back-end report, ensuring universities can evaluate and reward student engagement.

Monitor and evaluate your students' learning progress

  • It's almost impossible for tutors to determine students who aren't paying attention during online classes, even in on-site classrooms. The attendance tracking tool on the InEvent platform is every tutor's best pal that never gets tired of tracking students' concentration levels.

  • Build structured modules using the Continuing Education Units (CEU) and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) features on the InEvent platform, providing universities with a comprehensive program for monitoring and evaluating students' learning progress.

  • Extract insights from analytics reports concerning the duration each student spends on modules, enabling universities to understand student engagement and make data-driven decisions.

Accelerate professionalism with customized classrooms

  • InEvent's white labeling is the magic wand you need to build your virtual classroom layout from scratch, allowing universities to create a branded and professional online learning environment.

  • Our user-friendly platform allows you the pleasure of designing your virtual lobby to suit your institution's theme colors and icons, ensuring a cohesive brand experience for students.

  • You don't have to work your fingers to insert the university logo, background image, lower third text to display the lesson topic, and chyrons to display class rules in the Live Studio. A single click can make a massive difference to your online classroom experience, providing universities with a seamless and customized interface.

Design a flexible and fun learning environment for students

  • Scale up engagement by utilizing polls for quizzes, incorporating game-based learning apps through the screen share tool, or building your own educational games using our sophisticated gamification tool. Create a dynamic and interactive learning experience for university students.

  • Construct feedback forms for students to rate their learning experience and for classroom assessments (tests), allowing universities to gather valuable insights and improve the quality of online classes.

  • Enable students to bring their A-game to class assessments through group study on the platform. Students can also have virtual hangouts with classmates after a tedious week of study, which encourages socialization beyond the classroom and enhances the university experience.

  • Keep calm and plan better academic excursions to historic sites without getting tense. InEvent's travel planner contains an all-in-one solution for budget, flight, shuttle, and accommodation management, offering universities a seamless experience for organizing academic events and trips.

Maintain high academic standards with world-class examination rooms and academic events

  • Academic institutions can utilize break-out rooms for exam invigilators, which are not time-bound nor attached to the central examination room. If the host leaves the room, the break-out room remains uninterrupted, ensuring universities can maintain high academic standards during exams.

  • Be a front-liner academic institution that prioritizes academic training and symposiums for tutors, career fairs, and EduExpos for students, all professionally packaged in 3D virtual lobby and booths for sponsors and exhibitors. InEvent's platform gives universities the tools to organize and host successful academic events and showcase their excellence.

Take your online classes to the next level with InEvent

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