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A dedicated manager for your training and implementation process

How does it work?

Our customer success team works together with our sales team to provide a smooth transition when your contract begins. You will have a dedicated account manager to help with any questions you may have.

As soon as we celebrate the sale, your dedicated account manager will schedule your first onboarding call online or in person. On it, your manager will guide you through the setup of acquired products, create your team credentials, share technical requirements with your IT team, prepare your training course schedule and develop a relationship for successful communication.

What is our training offering?

After your onboarding is concluded, you may start operating the platform from this moment on. We will also allocate training sessions hours for you and your operational team. We will onboard your team in the platform giving access and training on the modules for your daily use. We can do a couple of sessions in person and the rest virtually. It also includes all written documentation, associated videos with your recorded workflows and extensive FAQ articles.

Exclusive support to facilitate the organization of events with InEvent

What is our evaluation method?

Training software to track your progress with InEvent

To make sure that our customers are well trained and ready for success, we use an internal software tool to validate how many hours of training each customer needs to achieve and has already accomplished.

Each person custom training program takes between 4 to 18 hours depending upon the plan they have selected. Training sessions are individual or in group. They last from 30 minutes to three hours. Customers can ask questions, learn from their dedicated account manager and show their use case to make sure they are progressing.

Upon completion of training, customers are awarded a real plaque with their certificate and can highlight their skills to other peers or colleagues.

What is our support model?

Daily support for your event operations

All InEvent customers have access to our qualified reps to answer your questions, with an industry SLA guarantee of 6 hours during business hours. Your answers will be available directly to you, where you will receive detailed and thoughtful answers based on your requirements.

Daily support for your event operations

You can also book one-hour sessions at your internal customer dashboard to request additional training sessions. Any compatible video conferencing software can be used for these calls.

All our support will be personalized, agile and efficient, so your team will be fully supported when using our software from start to end.

Ready to deliver INNOVATIVE event driven results?

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