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How does it work?

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InEvent customers have access to chat, email and pre-scheduled calls. For Enterprise accounts, our customer success team provides a structured customer onboarding for a smooth transition when your contract begins. Enterprise customers will also have a project manager to help with any questions through the implementation and contract life cycle. Let's explore these options?

How is our customer onboarding?


Your account manager will personally introduce you to your project manager. On your first call, the onboarding call, your project manager will:

  • guide you through the setup of your subscription
  • create your team credentials
  • share technical requirements with your IT team
  • prepare your training course schedule
  • and introduce our support channels.

The project manager will also allocate training sessions hours for your operational team or external agency. Your team training will follow your relevant modules and priorities for your upcoming events.

Exclusive support to facilitate the organization of events with InEvent

What is our training method?

Training software to track your progress with InEvent Enterprise

To make sure that our Enterprise customers are well trained and ready for success, we use an internal software tool to validate how many hours of training each customer needs to achieve and has already accomplished.

Each person custom training program takes between 4 to 18 hours depending upon the plan they have selected. Training sessions are individual or in a group. They last from 30 minutes to three hours. Customers can ask questions, learn from their account manager and show their use case to make sure they are progressing.

Upon completion of training, customers are awarded a real plaque with their certificate and can highlight their skills to other peers or colleagues.

24/7 Customer Support

Real support from InEventers, global and accessible.
All InEvent customers have access to our amazing 24/7 support.

Location Timezone
North America 8am - 9pm EST
Monday - Sunday
(Eastern Standard Time)
EMEA 8am - 6pm GMT/BST
Monday - Sunday
(British Summer Time)
APAC 8am - 6pm AEST
Monday - Sunday
(Australian Eastern Standard Time)
LATAM 9am - 7pm BRT
Monday - Sunday
(Brasilia Time)

What is our support model?

All InEvent customers have access to our business chat during local business hours. A real person will reply to your message in less than 60 seconds to help with your request.

Email support is also available for all customers. Enterprise accounts have a 3 business hours industry SLA guarantee. Your answers will be available directly to you, where you will receive detailed and thoughtful answers based on your requirements.

Video call sessions of 30 or 60 minutes can also be booked using your internal customer dashboard to request training sessions. Standard phone numbers or any compatible video conferencing software can be used for these calls.

All our support is personalized, agile and efficient, so your team will be fully supported when using our software from start to end.

Please note that our support hours may change on national holidays. Our team is also at recess between Christmas (25th December) and New Year (1st January).

Chat Email Video calls Developers
Enterprise 60s 3h 3h 24h
Core 1h 24h 48h 7d

Core Implementation Plan

Day 1
Days 2 - 9
Days 10 - 11
Days 12 - 13
Days 14
Implementation Plan


Day 1
A member of the InEvent Happiness team will join the call to learn about your upcoming plans, explain how our 24/7 Help Center works and highlight the importance of dry runs.

Event Build

Days 2 - 9
Book calls with our Happiness team to start building your event. All sessions are hands-on and provide unlimited training sessions.

Dry Run

Days 10 - 11
Invite your speakers days before the event to make sure that their computer, network and device are compatible with the InEvent platform.

Event Day

Days 12 - 13
Run your event live with our 24/7 Happiness available on the chat in case you have any questions.

Next Event

Days 14
You can book new calls with our team to continue your training or get additional support for your upcoming event.

Do you have an escalation procedure?

Our documented procedures, including the assigned leader for each stage, can be found below. Our escalation and internal governance methods are compliant with industry standards.

Team Resolution time Escalation
1 Happiness Agent 1min Speedy answers to your most common issues.
2 Happiness Team Leader 30min Additional help for your event settings.
3 Happiness Product Support Leader 4h Technical assessments of the product configurations.
4 Happiness Manager 6h Cover complex questions and billing.
5 Product Developer 48h Access to source code and hotfix deployments.

Enterprise Implementation Plan


Enterprise customers enjoy a 4 week Implementation Plan InEvent has designed get you all set up and ready to deliver the best virtual and hybrid event experiences to your customers! Check it out:

Day 1
Days 2 - 3
Days 4 - 21
Day 22 - 24
Days 25 - 27
Day 28
Implementation Plan

Onboarding with PM

Day 1
Meet your dedicated Project Manager to fill out the onboarding form, schedule your first training call, set up your platform admins and get any questions you may have answered.

CRM Integrations

Days 2 - 3
Get started with your training sessions. Connect your platform integrations with other CRM systems to automate your events workflow on your InEvent subscription.

Templates and Build

Days 4 - 21
Create your reusable templates and add your assets, such as agenda, website, emails, speakers, magic links, video sessions, etc to deploy new events easily.

Dry Run

Day 22 - 24
Test all your sessions with your speakers and sponsors, to make sure devices are compatible and prevent any issues on your virtual and hybrid event.

Event Day

Days 25 - 27
Live chat support from our team available to back you up with any issues, questions, or any information you may require. We will be on the chat 24/7 with you.

Post Review

Day 28
Meet your Project Manager to dive in the results of your event. Set your templates so you are ready to create your next event with your InEvent subscription.

Do you offer virtual assistant support?

InEvent works with strong, skillful and certified partners to provide additional support models not covered above. You can learn more about our partners using our partner center. You will be able to contact and procure partner services directly.


How many support hours can I book?

Customer requirements are taken in account when creating the personalized support plan at the InEvent platform. Chat and email support is unlimited. Please note that booking calls on hold and not attending them may impact your ability to book new calls.

Can I book support calls before the onboarding?

The onboarding call must be your first call. It is essential that your onboarding be complete before support calls can be scheduled. This is to make sure you have a successful and comprehensive implementation. Support calls will not be open for booking until your onboarding is complete.

What kind of documentation can I access?

You will have access to all InEvent written documentation on our FAQ articles, videos with your recorded workflows and API documentation on eligible plans.

Do you provide a follow the sun support model?

Yes, InEvent can cover you 24/7 during all your business hours using our hub network.

Can I use my trial account after I purchase a contract?

If you are using a trial account, you will still be able to activate your plan on the same account.

Can I try the support systems?

Yes, you can create a trial account and book a support call with our team. Trials are free of charge. Trial accounts have a limitation of up to 3 hours per week.

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