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Professional Webinars

Webinars are a great way to share information on a product or service. Companies and organizations usually host webinars to educate their audience or provide insight into a subject that might be relevant to their intended audience.

While hosting a webinar might be the perfect platform for your business, it is time to move away from the old experience of webinars where attendees enter a link and watch. Engage your audience in a new exciting way with InEvent.


Audio Interpretation

Furnish all your attendee touchpoints with real-time speech-to-text and audio translation channels for non-native speakers.

Sign Language

Hire certified sign language interpreters on the InEvent platform to increase your inclusivity and engagement strategies.


Spearhead groundbreaking conversations on trending industry topics and design relishable streaming experiences for attendees to be ushered into the future of live broadcasts. Build virtual hangouts for attendees to interact quickly and connect; enable attendees to create meaningful relationships to meet their business objectives.

Live Studio


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Prioritize an orderly engagement protocol for attendees to choose options using InEvent’s polling system.


Ascertain attendees’ precise perception of your session on a deeper level by exploring InEvent’s emojis and stickers.


Skyrocket interactivity by allowing attendees to ask questions in the questions section. The ability to post and edit questions in real-time on the session screen using the Live Studio feature adds a polished broadcast touch.


Every tool you desire to bring your vision to life is on InEvent Webinars! You name it: CRM integrations to easily sync your contacts lists and customer insights with your webinar; landing pages, push messages, and email communications to keep in touch with attendees.

Go Beyond the conventional webinar style with dynamic audio-video solutions to get rid of boredom and fatigue.

Design a fully customizable virtual lobby with a detailed schedule and repository to house on-demand content and multimedia files. We’ve got the proper gateway for you if you choose to monetize! Our Tickets feature is the perfect treasurer for your paid webinars.

InEvent Webinars Facilities

Go Beyond webinars with our help

All-In-One Platform

Stop utilizing several platforms to create your webinars when you can have it all in one place with InEvent’s Registration, ticketing, budget, attendance tracking, CRM, email creator, and many more audio-video features.

Global Reach

Connect people across continents and keep them engaged regardless of language barrier or disabilities. InEvent’s audio interpretation and sign language channels will create seamless interactions for your attendees.

Premium Branding

Activate your brand identity and strenghten your reputation by fully customizing your background, lower thirds, chyrons, registrations pages, attendances certificates and much more.

Professional Live Streaming

Get on the next generation and new standard of live streaming, eliminating zoom fatigue with the Live Studio creating TV-like experiences that will enhance the production level of your broadcasting.

Fortified Data Room

Safe-guard contacts information, data reports, and analytics to avoid leakage of sensitive data. You can be assured that the InEvent platform is a safe house for all your webinar data.

Distinctive Engagement Toolbox

Leverage chats, polls, questions, integrations, and gamification tools to increase engagement levels and keep your attendees active during sessions.

Our Webinars Features

Take a look into our videos and get the solutions to improve your streaming workflow

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