Attendees journey report

Consolidated report with all activity from attendees

Attendees perform multiple different activities through different days. Understanding how analytical data is being synchronized is essential for running reports and bringing the most relevant data for your attendees. You can see emails, messages, lists, content, downloads, reports, invitations, check-ins and multiple data points about your attendees, personalized per day, week, month or year.

The all data tracking technology from InEvent can offer in one location your attendees compilation and generation of reports. This way, all the data you need to analyze can be put together for easy visualization. You can filter the report by year or month to streamline your evaluation. Easily attain a deeper analysis of your attendees’ actions during your sessions—their participation during polls, activities enrolled in, commentary, and questions asked. InEvent offers you Virtual Lobby reports, email analytics, check log reports, audit reports, and many more! Attendee reports can be extracted and saved to your personal computer. reset the filters to enable such a function. Document report properly and analyze data effectively on the InEvent platform.

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