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InEvent is a virtual and hybrid event platform. Our amazing out of the box software is the venue where event professionals host their hybrid, virtual and in-person events, offering 24h support, branded scalable platform, transparent pricing and feature-rich customizable tools.

  • Virtual Lobby to host interactive hybrid event experiences.
  • Marketing suite with emails and messages to personalize your attendee journey.
  • Built-in registration systems to collect data, process payments and print badges.
  • Digital integrations with your favorite CRMs like Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot.
  • Interactive mobile app for live engagement with in-person, virtual or hybrid attendees.
Company corporate lounge

InEvent is a High Performer on the Virtual Event Software space.

Our customer experience and ease of use drive sales, profits, efficiency and cost benefits for your company. Tools and data are integrated on a single platform , including drag and drop landing pages, email builder, online registration, meeting scheduling, QR Codes, badge printing, financial reports and integrations to deliver personalized experiences for your customers. InEvent software is drag and drop, no code required, white label platform by design. Training, summits and conferences benefit from the all in one event management solution.

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InEvent values customer privacy. Data belongs to the customer, not to InEvent. We protect your data using all industry security protocols . You can upload, segment and work on your data using integrated solutions (registration, mobile app, hospitality, compliance, etc) all year around. All available on the cloud, 24x7, for you and your customers.

Our pricing model is simple: an annual subscription companies can purchase directly from our website or tender through Request for Proposals (RFP). InEvent has a dedicated team of senior professionals focused on delivering a compliant platform to your organization. Customers can also purchase solutions from verified vendors , who may also offer additional services to your event production.

Our support is available worldwide , we speak multiple languages and we deliver in-person training for enterprise customers. InEvent has won industry leading awards and also recognizes its most engaged customers every year. With our partners and integrators, we have already successfully improved thousands of events, collecting millions of registrations throughout the journey.



We believe in the power of bringing people together.

EventLand is a global community for event profs. If you are looking for a place where creative, supportive, and outstanding professionals can come together, share experiences and make meaningful connections within the industry, EventLand is the right place for you.

Who is part of our history

We have in our portfolio clients such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, Santander, Bosch, Bayer, KPMG, Honda, DuPont, Eli Lilly, Carrefour, Stefanini and others.

InEvent investors include Y Combinator, the leading early stage business accelerator, and also prestigious VC firms such as Rebel Fund, Magma Partners and others. We built partnerships with tech giants like Twitter, Marketo, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and others to offer a better experience for your day to day management. InEvent's powerful ecosystem connects with platforms that you already use, trust and endorse, providing security and connectivity.

Awards we have received

Event Technology Award

InEvent has been selected as the best worldwide event startup. A young company, InEvent has been recognized by its industry in different occasions, including its founder being nominated 40 Under 40 by the American Connect Association, the Golden Crocodile in Latin America and the globally prestigious UK Event Tech Awards in London.

We also award our most innovative and engaged customers every year through the InEvent Top Engagement award , a nomination which evaluates top of mind use cases of companies leading the digital transformation using event marketing software.

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