Financial event software

Design experiences that deliver valuable and up to date information about the ever changing world of finances. Launch in-person strategies that will help investors and executives develop meeting and content agendas successfully.

Remodel registration for financial and banking customers experiences

Event registration for finance executives
  • Impress key decision makers, running a smooth registration flow validated by your compliance team.
  • Manage access control with QR codes and print badges on site with the appropriate tags.
  • Segment guest lists by VIP’s, multi-party lists, role, company and other customizable fields.

Manage private retreats hospitality

Logistics and hospitality
  • Book and prepare executives and employee flights, hotels and experiences.
  • Offer a premium experience for CEO's and other C-level executives.
  • Attach assistants emails to automatically copy executives agendas.
Discover logistics & hospitality

Match financial professionals on 1-1 networking meetings

  • Ensure matchmaking connections among investors, executives and participants, with subject-based tags.
  • Take a leap on driving engagement through InEvent App or a private branded app for your accredited guests.
  • Provide investors and executives with a private inbox for networking opportunities.
Investor 1-1 meetings management

Successful clients from the financial industry

Use software validated by peers at hedge funds, investment groups, financial services, banking companies at small or large environments.

Effective capital driven roadshows with event management software

Roadshows for investors
  • Save time with centralized planning for multiple events with the same financial profile.
  • Manage all activities by room, program or city. All from our desktop platform or mobile app.
  • Improve efficiency of resources management with budget frameworks.

Follow privacy and security based on industry standards

  • Easy to set-up participant’s roles and permissions.
  • Adhere to financial services data protection regulations.
  • Fully comply with PCI, SOC 2 and GDPR legislation.
Access info security certificates Privacy for the financial industry
We counted with the help of InEvent to make this a successful event where InEvent was responsible for our app which would manage our attendees, our agenda and our communications. They made this as smooth and as simple as possible. The app itself is a very intuitive tool. It is very simple to use and very powerful. It absolutely made a difference to have it to make this a successful event. We had a lot of positive feedback from our guests. A lot of people said it was very easy to find the location, very easy to follow the agenda with the help of the app and we cannot complain of the service that was provided: they were there in a daily basis and would always answer to our questions to make sure that this would come out exactly how XP wanted. So I would like to thank InEvent on behalf of XP and we look forward to working together again. Thank you! Maria Paula - Business Development at XP Investments

Promote and market your financial forum to investment professionals

Promote financial forums
  • Reach attractive audiences to your company portfolio.
  • Brand your registration forms, email builder and dynamic code-free website.
  • Tailor personalized experiences with superior value for guests at different ticket tiers.

Leverage multi-event reusable lists for hedge funds and venture capitalists

  • Reduce costs by creating efficient process templates.
  • Save time by replicating strategies that previously worked.
  • Replicate strategies to optimize execution and diminish risk in all of your Series A events or private suite receptions.
Explore custom lists Use template for VC firms

Integrate and support global customers

  • Get instant access to rich product documentation including tutorials and videos.
  • Set standards for Personally identifiable information (PII) according to your bank policies.
  • Training and onboarding for guaranteed effectiveness on your event management software transition.
Discover our multilingual team Support for global customers

Add results to your portfolio

Results at a glance
  • Live Analytics that allow you to take data-driven decisions on real time.
  • Discover customer porfolio statistics and cross-check collected data on your event.
  • Integrate data management with your CRM system to link customer journey.

Event management software for financial services and banking industry events.

Our enterprise level security, all-in-one event management software ensures exclusive events for investors and executives in the financial services sector. Drive success for corporate meetings and conventions in the finance industry, whether it’s an internal event or a larger summit.

We know that proper understanding of financing and showcasing established reputations are crucial elements when representing a financial company. For that, InEvent event management software supports occasions like, but not limited to: investors board meetings, fintech product launches, financial forums, corporate conferences, roadshows, trade shows, workshops and sales training.

Create sophisticated brand experiences and build strong relations that will result in business growth. With a website, agile registration process, CRM integrations, email communication and a premium mobile app, your event management is made simple from the very first step. No coding or programming skills required at all.

Count on full support from our Customer Success team to strengthen your leadership and deliver effective results throughout your fintech or corporate events. Upgrade your event organizing approach in the financial sector with private, complaint and secure event management software, protecting your customers' relationships.

The complete platform for all your events

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