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InEvent is commited to transparency. If you request a quote from us, we will return to you by email in the same business day with our pricing per registration, without demos or questions asked.

For us is very important to communicate what are our products and make sure you are fully informed when selecting them. If you require a consultant to offer you a free 30 minute demo, you can request this from our sales section. If you believe that you can self service, you can reach us using the form below to request a quote today.

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A la carte

InEvent is ready to serve your company. If you are simply looking for a system that is a bit more a la carte, customizable and has more options available than the traditional event software, you are looking at InEvent. Our consultants can work with you to select features that make sense for your business and create a customizable plan for your commitment.

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Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

XP Investments and InEvent partnership brings more technology and digital experiences to its private corporate event held at Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, Florida.

Santander Annual Meeting

Santander Annual Meeting

How InEvent & Santander created a digital experience at the largest corporate event in Latin America.

One System Conference

One System Conference

Held annually in India, the event proposed the reunion of its global leaders of Coca-Cola Asia to unite, act and grow into a single system.


There are plans including several events per month?

All plans are designed for 365 days of continuous usage. If your organization hosts only one event per year, please get in touch with us so we can connect you with one of our partners .

How do I purchase a plan?

We accept various payment methods, directly in our settings. If the current plans do not meet your needs, get in touch with us so we work out your RFI, RFP or requirements.

How do upgrades work?

You can always upgrade any time by paying the difference between your current plan and your new plan. We do not allow downgrades at your current plan.

Where can I send my RFP request?

If you have an RFP, please send it to us by email so we can evaluate your request. Our contact information is available at the sales page .

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