Intercom integration

Offer a real-time customer support channel in your virtual or hybrid events

Using InEvent you will find a vast array of communication tools to increase interactivity on your event or offsite meetings. Our latest update is in your Virtual Lobby chat. If you are an Intercom user, you can now use their chat in the virtual and hybrid events you host with our platform!

The Intercom Chat will appear as a small icon on the bottom of the Virtual Lobby page. This allows you to offer a channel for customer support in virtual events to answer questions and solve problems in real-time.

To set this up on your virtual event platform is simple and direct, the only information you need is your Intercom Tag ID. Just choose the events you would like to have a support chat, and insert the tag on the settings. The video shows you how easy it is!

This integration is also optional, you can deactivate it anytime you need. This will take your event customer experience to the next level and help you produce the best virtual event experience possible!

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