Mobile app for events

Create accessible in-person, hybrid or virtual event experience using the InEvent all-in-one event mobile app.

Provide your in-person and virtual attendees with constant engagement and access to event content, other attendees, and important information through a convenient mobile app. Our event app makes it easy to create a seamless extension of your event on mobile devices.

Analytics and Insights

Track, measure and analyze attendee engagement with event app analytics. Gain insights into event success and improve content decisions for future events by understanding attendees.

Content consumption

  • Measure attendee content consumption with event app analytics. Track presentations viewed and sessions attended for better event planning.

Web analytics

  • Use web analytics tools to measure the traffic and engagement on your event website, including page views, time spent on pages, and conversion rates.

Engagement scoring

  • Assign a score to each attendee based on their level of engagement with your event content and activities.

Exhibitor and sponsor reporting

  • Provide detailed reports to exhibitors and sponsors on the engagement of attendees with their products and services.

Attendee feedback

  • Ask attendees for their feedback on the event content and their overall experience. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make future events even better.

InEvent App Center

InEvent has a set of unique apps that you can download and start using our business solutions right now for your event and video broadcasting

Boost your content sharing

Promote your content sharing based on your devices and controls. You can live stream your event, connect with your audience with live quizzes and send notifications to all your attendees.

Live streaming

  • Broadcast your event live over the Internet. Event attendees will be able to access the platform, watch and interact directly via your event app. Access can be to a select list of people or public to all event attendees.

Sharing content

  • Messages with text, video, and images can be shared on social media integrated with the event app. The content can be pre-approved by the event organizers so that no confidential information leaks to external sources.

Promote your sponsors

Promote event mobile app sponsors through multiple channels such as ads, banners, lists, maps, branded apps, splash screens and more.


  • Serve to show sponsors’ brand prominently, full screen in the event app. Ads are customizable and rotated periodically, by which different sponsors can be displayed a different number of times. The button to close the ad in the event app is optional.


  • Full screen with CTAs targeted at your audience highlight an exclusive communication for your sponsor for each attendee on the event app.

Hotel & Restaurants

  • Use the event app to inform attendees about nearby and/or convened hotels and restaurants. Guide them with information on price, type of accommodation and cuisine. Provide convenience to the attendees, offer a touch of local flavor and partner with establishments. Available as a hyperlink in the event app tab.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • List of all the company details so attendees can get in touch through the event app.

Customize new pages, tabs & web links

Create and personalize your event mobile app with the tabs you need. Order and label them as you wish. Create a unique layout powered for your experiences, securely accessing it at any moment. Add any external links and applications, so attendees can browse without leaving the event app.

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