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Do you want to have access to hundreds of marketing professionals looking for event partners? Join our affiliate program and become an InEvent Certified Partner.

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Partnership Program

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Business Partners

Business Partners

Exclusive for partners that hold commercial agreements to resell InEvent technologies. Must have an active contract with umbrella account enabled to maintain status.

Certified Partners

Certified Partners

Exclusive for partners that have completed our affiliate training and obtained the license to give technical support on InEvent technologies. Must have the Certified Partner badge on their website to maintain status.

Premium Incentives & Benefits

InEvent Partner

Revenue sharing

Generate revenue from deals based on the performance and expertise of your agency.

InEvent Partner

Exclusive partner tools

Create new customer accounts from our dashboard and also develop new customized layouts on your product portfolio.

InEvent Partner

Special marketing benefits

Join our partner program to be listed as a partner on our marketplace, access to exclusive live events and get insider sales help.

InEvent Partner

Priority support

Access our customer success team to ask specific questions, receive additional training and join events exclusive for our partners.

InEvent Partner

Aggregated volume pricing

Special pricing for our high volume partners who use our recurrent platform for multiple events and conferences all around the year.

InEvent Partner

Included educational programs

Get your event management certification at no charge with innovative globally awarded event marketing technology.

Your Road to Success

InEvent criteria for its affiliate program include excellence, proven expertise and event management affiliations.

  • Expertise with large clients or large events in the corporate segment.
  • Established customer portfolio with successful customer testimonials.
  • Team members with technical experience for a deep certification at the InEvent platform.
  • Long term interest in working with InEvent on customer projects and developing a sales channel.
  • Marketing resources for shared campaigns and sales calls, promoting the partnership and hosting event conferences for lead generation.
  • Backlink page on your website, with the InEvent logo, providing information on the services provided and details of the partnership.
  • Have at least one active software contract with the InEvent platform.

If you are not an agency or event professional and want to partner with us, reach out to us at with a personalized pitch.

InEvent Partner

Day 0
Days 1 - 4
Days 5 - 7
Days 8 - 15
Days 15 - 30
Day 31
Implementation Plan

Welcome Kit

Day 0
After your contract is signed, you will get your resources kit and access to the InEvent platform with instructions to schedule your training sessions.


Days 1 - 4
You will get connected with your InEvent counterpart to introduce the key results of your tier goals. The tasks specific to your tier will be assigned to your dashboard.


Days 5 - 7
Set your website partner page up with InEvent badges and links to formalize our partnership. This is a required step to maintain your status.


Days 8 - 15
Become an expert on InEvent technologies by completing our EventAcademy , with help from our 24/7 Customer Success team.


Days 15 - 30
Your demo account will be available so you can start showcasing your services through the InEvent platform, with monthly help from InEvent. Read more .


Day 31
Track the results of the first month and improve on them. Our dashboard will highlight outstanding tasks and successful tasks for the next run.
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Business Partners

Certified Partners

Discounted pricing offers
Branded post on EventLand
Guest speaker on InEvent events
Right to resell InEvent credits
Access to InEvent Sales team
Comarketing opportunities with InEvent
Introduction to InEvent clients
Listing on EventMarket
Reviews on EventMarket
Early access to InEvent features
Commission on InEvent referrals
Training program with InEvent
InEvent affiliate program referrals
Logo and badge on your Website
Maintain a backlink to your Website
Exclusive access to Partner Events
EventLand swag bags

InEvent co-selling program

As you complete your activation, InEvent will lease a demo account to you so you can use it to showcase the InEvent product to your customers. Every month, you can meet with our team to get new fresh credits based on how many demos you hosted in the previous month. There is no cost for you as a partner, and this account can only be used for demo purposes.




Start pack 30 credits When activated
Each demo 5 credits When activated

About InEvent

With millions of attendees across thousands of events, InEvent expertise, software and partners have already successfully delivered 10,000 personal experiences throughout its journey. Founded in 2013, InEvent has grown to worldwide offices and customers in more than 30 countries.

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How do I become a certified partner?

It couldn’t be easier to become an InEvent certified partner. Simply enroll in InEvent’s EventAcademy Foundations course to learn the basics and get started with InEvent. The course lasts just 30 minutes and can be scheduled at a time that best suits the needs of you and your team.

How can I learn more about InEvent?

InEvent’s EventAcademy has been designed to support you with whatever you need on your journey with InEvent. We have created different courses to suit your needs, and you can choose which are relevant to your business.

If you have the desire to become an InEvent platform expert, you can enroll in our all-encompassing course, The Works, which covers all elements of InEvent for every type of event. What’s more, The Works is a CMP certified course, and you can bank 5 CMP credits for this course!

To learn more about EventAcademy and its courses, click here .

How long does it take to get certified?

It takes only 30 min with Foundations. If you would also like to become an InEvent expert, you will be required to attend five 2-hour sessions for a total of 10 hours of training during a week.

How much are the affiliate fees?

  • Every successful deal introduced from the service provider to InEvent is entitled to a 10% affiliate fee. This applies if the service provider recommends an InEvent service or product in a meeting with the client.
  • Clients introduced from InEvent to the service provider are subject to a 15% surcharge fee on InEvent subscription pricing. If InEvent introduced the client to the service provider, in order to avoid this surcharge, the client must purchase the subscription directly from InEvent. Business Partners are exempt from this rule and get intros at no additional cost.
  • Finally, deals where the client introduces the service provider to InEvent are not entitled to an affiliate fee.

The fee can be paid in the form of a discount (offered as a partner fee discount) or through an invoice to be paid via credit card.

Are there fixed monthly fees?

There are no monthly or fixed fees to be part of the InEvent affiliate program. There are different tiers based on the InEvent subscription that you hold, which may or may not affect your category on the EventMarket listing and ranking. The only fee is a success rate fee, which applies only when a deal is successfully closed by either party.

Can certified partners have more than one subscription?

Yes, certified partners can have two separate subscriptions with different plans if they meet the following criteria:

  • Only V&H plans are eligible.
  • All subscriptions must be an Umbrella account.
  • The maximum amount of subscriptions per certified partner is 2 (two).
  • All subscriptions must be Enterprise, meaning they must be meeting the minimum of registrations.

For multiple clients, what is the support provided?

As a partner, you can engage multiple clients throughout the year. To attain the same level of support across all your clients, make sure they are on the same or higher tier as yours. If one of your clients is on a lower tier, we will not be able to provide the same SLA and support channels for them. If, for example, you are an Enterprise account, please make sure that clients bought directly from your account or they bought a subscription that is on the same or superior level to yours.

What is the minimum rating requirement for partners?

The client will review the service provided by the partner and rate it from 1 to 5 stars. If the partner gets 3 ratings below 4, the partner will be unlisted from EventMarket.

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