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Software to centralize your event's analytics, reports, budget, briefings, RFPs and suppliers, integrated and connected.

Budget the smart way

Centralize your cost control and upload your spreadsheets to track your available budget. In the end, you can also extract your event ROI, achieving substantial savings reports across many recurrent events.

  • Avoid exceeding your budget by using budget tracking to highlight your current spending.

  • Compare your actual expenses between multiple events with planned budgets.

  • Calculate your ROI based on parameters, such as attendance, conversion, cost center, etc.

  • Get participants' confirmation for the event and each of the activities.

Go Beyond average booking procedures

Replace your event meetings, experience centers, and visitor groups with an all-in-one CRM system where you can manage your organization's bookings. Your overflow includes business areas or customer bookings to be approved by your team.

  • Customize booking forms with any field you may require.

  • Project managers and resource managers can be assigned for step-by-step approval.

  • Room management can match your current global inventory of available spaces and slots.

  • Create your customers’ and prospects’ agendas from templates.

  • Agents (such as partner agencies) can have limited access to fill in the required information.

  • Finally, reports highlight a robust system to manage thousands of meetings per year.

InEvent Booking
InEvent Analytics

Live Analytics and data management

Track everything that happens at your event, including data from your managers, attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and additional stakeholders. With intuitive and colorful graphs, you can see the information needed in a recurrent event feature set, add easy filters, export data securely with spreadsheets, and more.

  • Create and print custom reports to have a clear document with your event results.

  • Sharing can be enabled with parked reports, restricting access to a set of emails, or open access to the general public.

  • More than 25 modules can be seen on the live dashboard, getting real-time information from your event, which enables quick actions based on live monitoring.

Custom Calendar with live updates and integrations

Stay updated on your organization’s forthcoming events, including past, current, and future events from a single calendar. New events automatically appear on the calendar, fully synced with your briefing and budget management. You can add different colors for different occasions, search for specific events, or even share them with your co-workers.

  • You can track each event individually to check its tools and see what is happening.

  • Events can be filtered by date, the number of attendees, budget, participating agencies, etc.

event calendar
event suppliers

Manage Interactions with Suppliers

Manage all your approved suppliers and current proposals on a single screen, with a dedicated view of previous jobs. You can select existing or new suppliers for your bidding process, building your final event briefing step by step.

  • All proposal follow-ups can be sent automatically at predetermined intervals.

  • Suppliers can be managed with categories based on your approval process.

The complete platform for all your events

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