Event Platform

Manage all your events in a single place.
A complete lead database with your attendee journey.

Event calendar

Event Platform

Quickly visualize all your team's events without hassle. Filter by your preferred way and search through your teammates' events. No need to use excel spreadsheets to cross analyze your events, you can do everything directly on you event platform. Centralized information facilitates your work and pushes your team's performance to a next level. Once you start using it, you'll never go back.

  • You can manage approval flows for all your events and arrange them accordingly.
  • Your team can use a digital solution, without paper, complicated codes or Excel spreadsheets.
  • Cross-reports available on your event platform with big data analysis.
Event Platform

Lead database

List and filter all leads on your event platform throughout the year. Analyze each lead journey, including their actions, emails received, events participated, invitations not responded and more. Online registration packages create even easier ways to drive revenue and guests to your experiences.

By using our budget management tool, you can also collect information on expenses for each attendee at a given period of the year. Know how much you spent for each attendee on your events.

  • Customized and dynamic journey for each of your attendees.
  • Fully updated database of all your leads and your most active leads.
Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

XP Investments and InEvent partnership bring more technology and digital experiences to its private corporate event held at Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.

Santander Annual Meeting

Santander Annual Meeting

How InEvent & Santander created a digital experience at the largest corporate event in the Americas.

One System Conference

One System Conference

Held annually in India, the event proposed the reunion of its global leaders of Coca-Cola Asia to unite, act and grow into a single system.

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