One System Conference

Held annually in India, One System Conference proposed the reunion of its global leaders of Coca-Cola Asia to unite, act and grow into a single system.


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Coca-Cola was created in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia. It is an American multinational company that manufactures and markets non-alcoholic beverages. In 1899, the Coca-Cola Company began bottling operations with franchisees in the United States. Today it has more than 500 brands in 200 countries.

One of its headquarters in the world, Coca-Cola India, performed an event on January 12th and 13th, 2017, for its franchisees, which Coca affectionately calls 'Bottlers'. The One System Conference 2017 is an event for franchisees to unite, act and grow into an one single system.


InEvent Challenges

The goal of Coca-Cola was to bring innovation to the event and automate all processes. In addition to that, they also wanted an efficient application with good usability for the attendees. The event was attended by the president of Coca-Cola Pacific, Coca-Cola India, executives of Coca-Cola Asia and more than 250 bottlers.


In their event, the InEvent Analytics possibilities had a great impact to leverage the attendee experience. Each booth had a set goal for their target audience. When the target audience stopped by they were presented with a gift. The director presented which were the most visited booths using our beacon technology. Display screens were used to show the technology present during the event.

Another strategy that made a difference for Coca Cola was InEvent RSVP. Days before the event, notifications were sent by Coca-Cola's event app aiming to confirm the presence of each pre-registered guest list in a quick and custom fashion. In the event, printers were used.

The check-in took place automated and without queues. Each group was named with one of the Coca-Cola products. After the registration, the attendees received the password to access the app, ensuring the security and privacy of the attendees when sharing relevant information. Also, the NFC tags at entrances were essential to track attendees digitally as they come in and go out, eliminating the need for paper tickets or emails.

The app for the event was customized with the logo and information to fit the event’s needs, simplifying the management processes and thinking about user experience. Configurations and mail automation were set up in order to send custom forms for the attendees to register and to download the app.

For Coca Cola, one of the remarkable tools was NFC tags, for management and control of the fast and easy registration process. In addition to reducing the risks of event access fraud, it monitors the average time where each participant stayed in the booths, talks, and presentations of the event.

Besides that, the NFC technology was also essential to leverage the attendee experience. With that tool, attendees could simply tap at entry points to register or check-in, making the process quick and convenient.

By tracking attendees' activity through NFC devices, Coca Cola could collect valuable data on participation patterns, participant preferences, and the effectiveness of certain areas or activities of the event, enabling future improvements.


With that strategies developed, more than 350 people were present at the event, among attendees, speakers and event managers, which approved and recommended the mobile solution. The engagement of attendees was 100%! There were 318 apps downloaded, 33696 captured data and 948 chat messages.

For Coca Cola, some of the achievements they had involved:

  • Monitoring presence of attendees on booths;

  • Automated enrollment and check-in;

  • Real-time and easier ROI analysis;

  • NFC technology helped leveraging the attendee experience to another level;

  • Attendees and event organizers engaged with the app as the main means of communication and exchange of information.

  • InEvent profile for Koteshwar Lankadasu - Director – Operations and Marketing, Coca-Cola India
    It was great to work together with the InEvent team! The whole experience was great, including coming down here (to India) and helping us out with everything. Everything that we needed was built, customizations and new features for our conference. Koteshwar Lankadasu - Director – Operations and Marketing, Coca-Cola India

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