Virtual and Online Events

Discover InEvent Virtual Lobby designed for a safe and online environment, where business can happen just as in-person.

Virtual Lobby for dynamic online events

InEvent brings the virtual solution to create an in-person event but online. Experience a great networking event, session or learning moment, within a virtual environment which feels like a physical one.

Live chat experience
  • Discoverability: Change rooms, watch new sessions, join a chat group or even start a one on one conversation with a click of a button, on the same dashboard, without delays.
  • Networking: Take a look at the venue and see with whom you would like to connect. Take a look at badges and find friendly faces. Join a room and start chatting!
  • Content: Discover sessions, assets, presentations and more at the same dashboard you are watching our live video streams.

Extra features for an engaging online experience

Screen sharing

Share your current screen with picture in picture support.

Speaker control

Set which speakers and guests can speak during your panel or live sessions.

Group chat

Build a interactive chat room with live messages from attendees.

Pre-recorded video

Upload your pre-recorded session so attendees can watch on-demand.

Analytics (all metrics)

Generate reports with live video sessions, audience, bandwidth and more.

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Connect your virtual event with any platform

InEvent can integrate your current video communications solution, which can be:

  • Zoom
  • on24
  • Webex
  • Google Meet
  • Facebook Live
Get a personalized integration assessment!

Networking made easy with mobile apps

Access content in a secure environment, network using chat messages, book meetings and also connect on social networks. Moving your event online has never been easier.

Book meetings easily

Send meeting requests to face to face intros.

Send chat messages 1-1

Browse using tags, roles and companies to engage valuable relationships.

Join Q&A and polling to share knowledge

Engage with your peers on sessions designed to boost engagement.

Discover our event app solutions

Ready to deliver INNOVATIVE event driven results?

Achieve outstanding customer experiences - InEvent is your successful ROI!

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