Small corporate events

Solutions for recurrent events and meetings with less than 50 people

Solutions for small corporate events

Each small corporate event has its own characteristics with convenient solutions to suit them.

  • Lists of guests: control invitations sent to small corporate event guests through lists containing their name, email, company, and role. The lists can be used for various purposes at small corporate events, such as validating which guests can access the small corporate event, completing the event registration form, limit access to sessions, etc.
  • Registration forms: forms can be created on the InEvent platform for various purposes, including the registration at small corporate events. The forms visual appearance, as well as its questions and custom fields, can be customized according to the need of each small corporate event.
  • RSVP: attendance of your guests for the small corporate event can be confirmed through InEvent's RSVP system. You can quickly do it by email or push notification (event app); they simple click answer whether or not they are attending to your small corporate event; as the event organizer you can easily access a list of people who confirmed their presence at the small corporate event.
  • QR Code: each attendee will have their own encrypted QR Code, which may be available by email or at the event app. The QR Code will help the efficiency of accreditation and access control at small corporate events, as well as collecting real-time data. The QR Code is completely secure as its data can only be accessed by InEvent’s authenticated system.
  • Access and presence control: scan attendees QR Codes on badges to accurately control who can access or not to your small corporate event. Thereafter, you can browse the list of attendees who are present at the small corporate event or at its activities to check them in for individual presence control. Organize, filter, and know who has not arrived at the small corporate event or are not present in its sessions, making it easier to manage the attendance at your small corporate event. And you can do everything by the event app, with an administrative access profile.
  • Post event surveys: conduct surveys with attendees through the event app, which can be done at the end of each activity and/or at the end of the small corporate event. The answers can be in the appearance of numeric (between 0 and 5) ratings, yes/no, text or a combination of these options.
  • Real-time data: collecting the small corporate event data grants access to important statistics that will help you to analyze what is happening in real time. Additionally, the reports generated can be custom or standard and allow for cross event examination by region, tiers and more! Favorite your small corporate event top leads, qualify them, and browse through data in real time using your event offline data collector!

Solutions for New Generation Broker event

An event app facilitates interactions and connections at small corporate events. The event app main features used for the New Generation Broker event were:

  • Push notifications: sending information through the event app allowed the small corporate event organization to communicate in real time with all attendees as well as with specific subgroups or a single individual during the small corporate event. Confirmations about activity schedules and general information were sent by the event app, an effective channel for small corporate events.

  • Event App interactions: other interactions at the small corporate event were possible through the event App, increasing engagement at live speaker questions and real time polling. The event app native chat was a space where the attendees could exchange private messages during the small corporate event. It is one more event app feature to facilitate interaction at small corporate events. The contact list of attendees is made available on the event app. Therefore, networking is not restricted to the coffee break of small corporate events.

  • Scheduling meetings: an event app tool for scheduling meetings among attendees, encouraging the small corporate event’s networking capabilities. This event app feature uses editable spreadsheets, analyzes the feedback panel, checks in before and after the meeting as well as rescheduling meetings. Business at small corporate events made easy and practical.

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