ChatGPT ready for your events

InEvent is the first event technology company with native support for ChatGPT.

Automate your event communication in a flash

Hosting multiple events round the clock? Design your communication strategies in a snap with our ChatGPT integration. Time is a significant factor when delivering relishable event experiences, and production quality is at the heart of any successful event. Our integration with ChatGPT offers you both—you can optimize your time for content production and deliver outstanding results while meeting deadlines. It’s a double win for you.

The first event platform to integrate with ChatGPT

Generate all the communication materials for your event from the world’s most talked about conversational AI. We have activated ChatGPT in all touchpoints on the InEvent Platforms—marketing communications, website, landing pages, and Virtual lobby.

Go beyond your event marketing communication

Generate error-free content that saves you a great deal of time in drafting and editing your text. Using InEvent’s ChatGPT integration offers you an added layer of professionalism, all in one platform.

You can trust the platform to draft emails to your attendees, write your landing Pages like a pro, and script promotional videos without appearing robotic; the content seems human-written but without errors.

Activate your event management process

With 100% of your communication taken care of, you have more time for other intricate details for your event. Having fewer responsibilities allows you to perform optimally. Another win for you.

Unlock the potential of event tech with our Chat GPT integration

Our integration with ChatGPT offers fast, reliable, and natural communication generated by AI, tailored to your event communication strategies.

The complete platform for all your events

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