Badges, Lanyards and Kiosks

Create great-looking badges and lanyards with InEvent

Badges that look great and feel great

  • Built-in designer badge tool with colors, tags and even attendees photos!
  • InEvent can print badges in real time with variable registration fields.
  • Access laminated, firm, transparent badges with a great look and feel.

World class materials and printing quality

  • Support eco-friendly badges and sustainable recyclable sources for your event.
  • Get on the day support and hardware delivered directly to your event venue!
  • Automate entrance and check-in with InEvent Pass technologies.

Ready to order your first batch of badges?

The InEvent platform is extremely easy to use. You have immediate access to the necessary controls needed to conduct your event. Even for newcomers like us, everything just made sense. Ray Orsini. CEO and founder @ OIT and OITVOIP

The complete platform for all your events

Pedro Goes

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