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How to Build a Strong Brand Identity for Your Event Planning Business

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Creating a solid brand identity is essential for event planners looking to establish themselves in the industry. Whether...

The New Era of Employee Engagement Begins with Events

Views: 5320

You can measure employee dedication and connection to an organization by “employee engagement.” Employee engagement...

8 Strategies to Turn Event Attendees into Brand Advocates

Views: 5944

Event marketing is one of the best ways of attracting new customers. It helps brands raise awareness and engage with an array of...

7 Best Practices for Webinar Invitations: Increase Your Audience and Engagement!

Views: 5447

Are you ready to get more people to attend your webinars? Create compelling invitations that capture your audience’s...

6 ‌Best Live Streaming Apps For Businesses in 2023

Views: 99790

When you think about live performances, it’s easy to be carried away by their magic.   Music fans travel long distances...

How To Network Effectively At In-Person Events?

Views: 6300

In-person events can be an excellent opportunity to network and meet new people – a virtual job fair, a workshop, or a...

Conference planning guide for 2023

Views: 6418

Planning a conference? It must be a challenging task, but with the right strategies, you can create an unforgettable event. The...

In-Person or Live Events? How to Create a Seamless Hybrid Event Experience

Views: 6080

Hybrid events – events running in a physical venue with in-person attendees and simultaneously occurring online – are...

How to use technology to enhance In-Person Events

Views: 5923

In the age of Technology, digital and virtual experiences automatically provide more engagement than in-person events. But...

Making the Most of Your In-Person Event: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Experience

Views: 7290

Despite the global health crisis, virtual conferences became the only viable option in the event industry. Because it’s...

Measuring the ROI of In-Person Events: What Metrics to Consider

Views: 6634

In-person events are a vital component of many businesses marketing strategies. They provide opportunities to connect with...

Top 7 Creative Strategies to Promote In-Person Events in 2023

Views: 9753

When was the last time you saw a flyer at a local business advertising an in-person event? It’s been a while. Why?...

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