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Posted on May 28, 2020

There is a wide variety of different virtual events ideas to get the word out about your online sessions.

If you already have an online conferences portfolio, getting a bit bored of the old same formats could happen at any moment. If you still did not develop this portfolio, here’s our 2020 guide for perfect online events [and how to migrate your live event to virtual] to help you on this mission.

So, whether you’re an advanced event planner feeling like making it more creative, or if you don’t know anything about virtual events, this article will ignite your creativity

Here are some tips, tricks and examples of virtual events you can add to your portfolio:

1. Entertainment focused sessions (Networking space, meetups, happy hours, etc)

Normally, the most used virtual events ideas are panels and discussions. These are known as webinars. A webinar is the very first and most simple type of virtual event.

However, this is far from being the only thing you can organize in a online format. Using interactive tools whenever possible, for instance, is one easy way to increase attendance and engagement of every virtual event.

Virtual event attendees will see you’re doing something different. And since we’re living good times to try and test innovations, it will make your occasions stand above the noise.

Meetups are conferences held with the purpose of boosting networking and the exchange of understanding between experts in an offered area. The suggestion of this occasion is for individuals to take part in person, yet if distance is a barrier, it does not avoid you from doing it any other way.

Yes, doing an online meetup is an opportunity! You can use e-learning authoring tools for teaching and streaming tools to bring individuals together. Such as this. individuals can continue to satisfy, establish ideas and also enhance working communities, also at a distance.

Organizing an on the internet meetup is a means to encourage people to continue to be energetic and imaginative, as well as being an excellent possibility to attract brand-new individuals from various parts of the world, igniting a sense of community.

The prestigious magazine CN Traveller, for instance, recommends a series of virtual wine tasting meet ups. While Best Friends Animal Society doesn’t stop looking for good humans to be adopted by their exceptional puppies with their virtual Meet and Greet.

And of course, you enjoy music, you heard about Global Citizen Together at Home, organized by Lady Gaga and several other celebrity musicians the very first mega event since COVID-19 broke out and the main event so far to bring a sense of community and care for each other.

Other examples of entertaining and fun sessions include:

  • Wine tasting
  • Book Reading club
  • Pet lovers sessions
  • Basically, that’s a huge trend called Visiconomy. It connects people according to their visions and values, building up a sense of community. It’s the way social media networks have been operating, for example.

2. Online conferences

The objective of a seminar is to include knowledge. Like courses and workshops, this is an academic occasion. It consists of revealing as well as disputing ideas on a given topic. If you are considering carrying out a seminar, however do not have several sources, on the internet transmission might be an option.

There are some distinctions in between carrying out an online and in person workshop. Some things stay the exact same – you still require to consider speakers, themes as well as design ways to bring in target markets.

You will require to discover a device to sustain your on the internet event, where it is possible for the audio speaker to make a discussion and still supply a space for questions and also conversations. Just like an in person seminar, you will require a mediator to be able to arrange the argument.

React Summit Amsterdam 2020, for instance, had to be postponed. The developer aimed community came up with a fantastic solution: while the in-person conference is not allowed to take place, they offered a whole online experience in the original predicted dates, React Summit Remote Edition.

CMX, a global resource for community builders, not only did that, as they also described the whole case study of their 1st CMX Global Connect, which happened last April.

Online conferences will probably be the most popular kind of virtual events of the post pandemic era, as planners are getting the hang of it and the audiences are responding well.

Some other examples of successful online conferences of 2020 include:

3. Workshops

Do you have something amazing or a skill to teach somebody? So, organizing an on-line training course or workshop can be a great alternative for you. The simplicity of online permits you to offer a variety certainly, in addition to delivering material artistically and being able to connect with individuals, also if not face to face.

Nowadays, it is feasible to locate on the internet programs on various topics and also from various locations, all in a fast and practical method. This type of occasion provides individuals extra adaptability and also comfort, as they can participate in classes anywhere and also nevertheless they desire. This layout additionally supplies benefits for the organizer, nevertheless, it does not rely on a large physical framework to happen.

Nonetheless, planning an on the internet course is a little various from organizing an in person course or workshop. You must set up your training course remembering that the pupil will certainly not be close to you as well as bearing in mind that, due to the fact that he is taking the training course online, it is much easier for him to shed emphasis and also get distracted. So, think about imaginative methods and also formats to communicate your content. Additionally set aside time for the students to clear their questions.

On June 22, for example, any developer registered in Apple’s platforms will have access to the WWDC 2020. This means that more than 23 million people in more than 155 countries will be able to attend conferences, chats and workshops. It’s the very first ‘00% online edition.

Other examples of workshops include:

  • Yoga
  • Mindfullness
  • Dance
  • Cooking
  • Hackathon
  • Basically, anything that can be transformed into a live and interactive performance with a clear outcome in the end

4. Panels (Webinars, discussions, debates)

A webinar is an occasion that was developed to be held completely online: they are conferences, lectures or conferences held over the internet. Normally, webinars are held in real time for visitors, through video clip and also audio streams on on-line platforms.

This is an event for those seeking a dynamic style: in webinars, individuals can engage directly with the individual or send concerns via chat, contributing in a positive means to the debate.

One of the wonderful benefits of the webinar is that it is versatile and also interactive material, given that it can be presented in a number of different locations all at once. An additional favorable factor is that it is a wonderful way to get to individuals that would not usually have call with your brand or company.

IMEX has done the boldest move so far, literally building up a whole new planet: the Planet IMEX, a 24/07 community with appealing visual and that works like a continuous event.

5. Online lectures

Speakers can likewise use online devices to host their occasions. With the advancement of innovation, holding this sort of occasion has come to be easier, as you can offer a lecture from the comfort of your house. In addition to being a wonderful approach to reach a bigger variety of people, from anywhere.

You can likewise conduct the meeting online. In this situation, very little adjustments in the company, you will certainly need to think about the audio speakers, the timetable and the content of the discussions. The distinction is that in this style, you provide the possibility for people to get involved remotely.

Conducting a lecture or seminar online also has facilities for occasion participants. They will be able to view the web content any place they are and also on the gadget of their option: computer, tablet or cell phone.

Tools such as Mentimeter and Wooclap can make it for third party games to encourage interactions and even competitions online. Nikon, the popular Japanese camera brands, is offering their courses with no charge for a limited amount of time. And the prestigious Harvard University has made 97 courses of their online catalogue available for free too.

Other examples of popular Learn & Development related sessions:

  • Product launch
  • Career fairs
  • Certifications sessions
  • Distance learning
  • Corporate training

How to make a virtual event? Conclusion and key takeaways

These are only a few of the many internet marketing strategies that are out there. And, as you could see, there are lots of intersections among them.

Are you interested in doing one of these types of online events? So, an important point that cannot be left out of your planning, is the choice of the platform for management and marketing of the sessions.

The culture of the virtual events has been changing a lot recnetly. When a new trend emerges, take advantage of the opportunity to increase your online conferences, workshops or whatever kind of community gathering you’re organizing.

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