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How to Plan Cost-effective Events: 7 steps event planning guide

Views: 8066

What’s a major headache for event planners? They have to create engaging experiences for attendees while keeping costs...

Event Gamification: An Event Planner’s Guide.

Views: 7133

You’ve made the right decision by deciding to use a digital event gamification app for your next event. Now what next? To start...

2024 Event Trends That Will Make Your Next Event a Huge Success.

Views: 18048

Welcome to the world of events in 2024, where the impossible is possible, the unconventional is the norm, and the experiences are...

11 Best Event Planner Tools & Platforms in 2024

Views: 9649

Planning an event can be daunting and stressful, but it can become a breeze with the right event platform. Event management...

Live vs In-Person Events: 7 Main Differences to Consider in 2023

Views: 8946

If there’s one industry out there that the pandemic has changed forever, it’s the event industry. Lockdowns made in-person...

How to Get the Most Out of Virtual Events You Attend?

Views: 6572

The world has seen a lot of changes lately. Remote working has become a thing, and hybrid competence (the ability to deliver an...

How to do a test stream on InEvent

Views: 6914

Now that you have your InEvent subscription set up, you can go ahead to start your live streams. But first, you want to ensure...

Streaming your in-person event in 720p

Views: 9034

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: in-person events are back, and we love them! For two years, we missed the...

The 10 best XLR microphones in 2023

Views: 9678

Ever been to a live performance? What you saw them use on stage was an XLR microphone. No other microphone is fit for that...

How to record a livestream session

Views: 6575

Knowing how to record a Livestream or choosing the right streaming platform has become an integral part of lead conversion in the...

Top 10 Best webcam for live streaming in 2024

Views: 16539

Having the best webcam is as important as having the best microphone for Livestreaming. The best webcams are the ones that work...

Top 5 data privacy trends In hybrid and virtual events to look out for in 2022

Views: 11338

In this content, we discuss the current data privacy trends to look out for in your next event. With the pandemic coming into...

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