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Get to know how The Atlantic invests in technology to bring about live engaging experiences through a series of informational events on the most relevant topics for today’s society.

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The Atlantic was founded in 1857 in Boston, a literary and cultural apartisan magazine that publishes commentary from leading writers on education and other important political issues. AtlanticLIVE national events bring The Atlantic's influence to life, putting together thought leaders for dynamic discussions on today's most important topics. The AtlanticLIVE is an in-person realization of the magazine through events and experiences.

Most of the events they host are in an interview format, like one-to-ones and panels, usually led by a The Atlantic journalist. The interview is focused on diving into a particular subject area that is related to the whole event theme, like “Elevating the Future of Women’s Health”, “ Democracy at Crossroads ”, and more.


Some of the high level challenges they faced stemmed from transitioning virtual only events, into hybrid events in an effective and sophisticated way.

Partly, for The Atlantic, the struggle was around data collection and integration. As they were making that shift, it was hard to make data-driven decisions with the information that they had and it was also hard to have the right balance between in-person and virtual events.

Given that situation, the solution was to invest in an event platform. After thoroughly exploring the market, InEvent was the chosen solution. A key point for that decision is that The Atlantic is now able to collect data from both their in-person and virtual activities. That really helped them achieve their goal of transitioning from virtual to in-person events.

"InEvent helped with solving these issues. We were able to collect more insights that were more integrated, and we could be more intentional around how we approach the different sides of hybrid events."

In the decision making process, The Atlantic needed a solution that could provide good user experience, with the ability to scale while providing flexibility and customization. As they listed clear criterias, it was evident that InEvent would cover their necessities meeting all the requirements.

"For us, there are table stakes, and InEvent had an additional level that we were looking for, like a good approach to group ticketing, upsells and upgrades, and a good approach to data. Besides that, the possibility to integrate InEvent with the tools we use around data was a big factor for them and it was a strong point."

For The Atlantic, having a dedicated Project Manager working closely with their team, combined with a 24/7 human support, helped them be confident that the InEvent team would get them to fulfill their goals.


The Atlantic is being highly successful in working together with the InEvent tech team to personalize the webhooks to make sure it works for their particular use case. They were able to have insights regarding email practices, strategies, and audience profile. Furthermore, they are also enjoying the experience of natively integrating with GA4, which was key to get accurate conversion data, and fully understand their attendees' journey.

Interactive App

The Atlantic is also creating dynamic environments where attendees can easily connect and engage with one another. The interactive features, such as live polls, Q&A sessions, and networking lounges, are creating meaningful exchanges and connections for their audience. This ensures that participants maximize their opportunities, making each event more impactful and memorable, laying the ground for successful post-event campaigns.

"We also use the platform to follow up with people in the post-event scenario. We send people a survey, and they differentiate the questions so they can know who attended in-person or virtually."

Atención al cliente

The Atlantic also highlighted how they are loving their customer support. It is extremely valuable for them to have a dedicated Project Manager to help with technical issues and liaise with our technical team. On top of that, they also really appreciate the convenience of having a 24/7 humanized chat support to assist them at any time they may need. This combination of personalized service and instant help, ensures they will always have back-up to run successful events.

"We felt we got really great support every step of the way. We are able to continually work closer with the Project Manager on a regular basis, which is fantastic and it gives confidence to the team because they can see we have a partner and a strong solution to work with us."


The Atlantic invested and relied on technology to make an impactful comeback in the world of in-person events. Recognizing the importance of a hybrid approach, InEvent has become a crucial part of their workflow by unifying virtual and in-person experiences. They have a single solution for the planning stage, for live experiences during the event, and for post-event campaigns.

"We are using InEvent on the day of the event for virtual and hybrid components and also using InEvent reporting, that is integrated with our own system, to pull the data out after the event to contact people if they attended or to get them to attend to next events as well."

The Atlantic makes sure to use the InEvent features to make their event experience better each time. Our email creation tool helped them to have an efficient communication with attendees before, during, and after events. For them, it is very important to have detailed insights into event performance and attendee engagement so the live dashboard and the analytics were essential for them to accomplish it. In that matter, they mentioned how facilitating real-time interaction and easy export of chat logs from the Virtual Lobby made the experience better.

"The platform gives us confidence because we know that we have a reliable tool that is going to give the user a smoother journey. We are able to build the registration page, and we can set up the virtual experience using the platform. As soon as they have the event’s details, we can start working with InEvent to make sure everything is integrated. It is good because the platform is flexible, like the visual aspects."

La siguiente línea de acción

The next steps for The Atlantic will be to explore more in depth the hardware integrations that the InEvent platform offers. They are looking into using our badge printing and self services technologies for registration and accreditation and also taking advantage of our AI suite of services.

Upcoming Events

The Atlantic will keep hosting major events throughout the year. For example, The Atlantic Festival 2024 - which is an internal summit for their team - and the People vs Cancer illuminating stories of the front lines of cancer and rare-disease care. InEvent will proudly be supporting these events with our technology and looking forward to keep being a part of successful stories.

  • InEvent profile for Daniel Moynihan - Associate Director, Event Marketing and Engagement
    It’s been a great experience with InEvent, we've really appreciated the work that we built together. We got to InEvent when we needed a much more robust solution for in-person, virtual and hybrid events, and it really leveled up our processes, in terms of data collection and data-driven decision-making, given the sophistication of the different formats. And also helped our UX and the audience engagement and ease of use. InEvent set us up to succeed from smaller virtual events all the way up to our biggest in-person events of the year. We felt really great support every step of the way. Daniel Moynihan - Associate Director, Event Marketing and Engagement

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