CRM for event management

Easy integrations, effective sorting, and engaging communication.

Our lead management feature is designed for ease and effectiveness. It helps you neatly organize guest information, making grouping and communicating with attendees simple. Suitable for events of any size, it transforms every interaction into an opportunity, enhancing your event's success and value.

Transform your event experience

Gather guest info with ease

Gather guest info with ease

Quickly collect guest details using user-friendly tools. This ensures every important attendee is noted, enhancing your event connections.

Smartly organize attendees

Smartly organize attendees

Efficiently group attendees based on their interests or role. This smart sorting helps you target your communication effectively.

Effortless post-event communication

Effortless post-event communication

Easily stay connected with guests after your event with simplified follow-up and thank-you systems to keep engagement thriving.

Track event success

Track event success

Measure your event's impact with clear analytics. Understand attendee responses and use these insights for planning even better future events.

Seamless CRM integration

  • Out-of-the-box code-free integrations with industry-leading CRM solutions.

  • Two-way data sync for centralized lead management.

  • Instant lead capture with real-time tracking for improved event engagement and follow-up strategies.

Seamless lead integration
Customized lead engagement

Customized lead engagement

  • Tailor your communication to meet each guest's specific interests.

  • Effective audience segmentation to target your messages appropriately.

  • Responsive strategy adaptation based on attendee feedback and interactions.

Actionable insights and reporting

  • Analyze attendee engagement for deeper attendee insights.

  • Understand attendee preferences through behavior analysis.

  • Drive event improvements using data-driven decision-making.

Actionable insights and reporting

Designed for events, loved by users

InEvent est classé parmi les meilleurs de sa catégorie par G2, Capterra et bien d'autres. Découvrez dès aujourd'hui notre solution de gestion des stocks d'événements.

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Check what our customers have to say

InEvent Rich Feldman


Rich Feldman, Head of Marketing.

“Finario boosted marketing with InEvent's Salesforce integration, allowing them to capture and nurture leads, yielding unprecedented engagement and retention.”

  • CRM-synced lead management.

  • Elevated attendee engagement.

  • Data-driven insights.

InEvent Mark Gobel

Sana Commerce Summit

Mark Gobel, Event Manager.

“InEvent's platform enabled Sana Commerce's largest virtual summit, bringing together over 700 attendees and 25 simultaneous sessions.”

  • Over 700+ attendees.

  • Personalization via customizable email builder.

  • Actionable insights with detailed analytics.

InEvent Ben Pidskalny

SW Event Technology

Ben Pidskalny, Vice President.

“Partnering with InEvent's helped SW shift to profitable virtual events, boosting attendance, satisfaction, and significant revenue.”

  • Hosted record-breaking virtual events.

  • Six-figure virtual event earnings.

  • Instant platform support and updates.

La plateforme complète pour tous vos événements

Pedro Goes

+1 470 751 3193

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