Insurance industry conferences

Big data and automation brought to the insurance market improved personalized customer experiences. Create conventions that show brokers, TPA's, executives, investors and carriers how to navigate into the sea of insurtech opportunities.

Insurance visionaries through conferences

ROI without borders: challenge your brokers and upsell policies like never before

Address every-stage of your convention lifecycle and impress key decision makers with hyper-segmented communications, timely reminders, personalized agendas and a branded official event app that ensures interaction and participation. Eradicate long check-ins by using a self kiosk QR Code solution and save time to your broker relationship to introduce better and tailored products.

Digitization for insurtech

Bring more digitization to your current policies

Strengthen your reputation with partners and connect your brand to the future of insurtechs. Get the brightest, tech-savvy Sales Agents, Brokers and Underwriters to your team, with an enterprise platform that not only automates training sessions, but also enable leaders to strategically think and analyze outcomes. Share the latest policies such as E&O, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Cyber Insurance and Product Liability at in-person conferences for more intense customer interactions.

Value add for the insurance value chain

Break the ice among players and show them the future of Insurance Value Chain

Förderung sicherer, massiver, erstklassiger Networking-Möglichkeiten, die den Versicherungsakteuren helfen, in neue Sektoren und Segmente vorzudringen. Stellen Sie ihnen personalisierte In-App-Agenden und einen privaten Posteingang zur Verfügung. Unterstützen Sie Ihre Auto-, Lebens-, Sach- und Krankenversicherungskonferenzen mit der einzigen Veranstaltungstechnik, die für eine intensive Interaktion und Echtzeit-Feedback in jeder Sitzung erforderlich ist. Befolgen Sie stets die besten Praktiken im Bereich der Cybersicherheit und halten Sie sich vollständig an die neueste Datengesetzgebung wie PCI, SOC 2 und GDPR.

Ready to deliver INNOVATIVE event driven results?

Achieve outstanding customer experiences - InEvent is your successful ROI!

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