Video Conferencing PRO

Live-Videoverbindung mit Räumen, Gruppen und Teilnehmern

With InEvent you can connect on 1-1 meetings, group meetings, workshops, breakout rooms with our built in native video solution. Using the webRTC protocol, your communications with other attendees will be instant, with audio and video available at 720p or 1080p, depending on your plan. You can have up to 17 presenters per room and also exchange files and other contact information using the InEvent Virtual Lobby interactive tools. We also support native screen sharing for all compatible systems!

Sind Sie bereit, INNOVATIVE Veranstaltung orientierte Ergebnisse zu liefern?

Erzielen Sie herausragende Kundenerlebnisse - InEvent ist Ihr erfolgreicher ROI!

Pedro Goes

+1 470 226 3256

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