White label platform with your brand

Create your website, app or system with your brand, colors and names

When you create an app, website or badge kiosk with an already built product with your identity, we are using a white label process, vital to increased engagement with attendees, offerings to sponsors and brand recognition for customers. The white label selection comes without any InEvent branding. You may find examples of this at:

Markenbilder und Farben
Registration and landing pages with your colors, logos and background images.

Custom domains
Verwenden Sie Ihre Domain, damit Kunden direkt auf Ihre Website zugreifen, anstatt auf InEvent.

Custom email sender
Legen Sie Ihre eigene E-Mail oder Domäne fest, wenn Sie die E-Mails an Ihre Teilnehmer oder Gäste versenden.

Custom CSS
Laden Sie Ihren eigenen Quellcode hoch, um die Erfahrung noch weiter anzupassen.

Branded mobile app
Mobile app published directly on your app stores with personalized images.

Kiosk mode
Kiosk mode available for guests using your cover image and unique color selection.

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