Our minimal technical requirements

The minimum requirements to use our platform

Our platforms

InEvent works with new and dynamic platforms to always deliver the best experience. We maintain the largest pool of compatibilities, supporting always versions within 3 years or less since market launch.


1 Mbit or faster


Mac OS X 10.11 or most recent

Windows 7 or most recent


Chrome (Mac/PC) 56 or most recent (best experience, required for presenters)

Firefox (Mac/PC) 44 or most recent (recommended alternative)

Safari (Mac) 11 or most recent (recommended alternative)

Chrome (Android) 80 or most recent

Safari (iOS) 11 or most recent

Edge (Mac/PC) 80 or most recent


iOS 12.0 or most recent

Android 4.0 or most recent


Outlook (browser mode only)

Thunderbird 45.0 or most recent

Apple Mail (Mac OS X 10.8) or most recent


Testen Sie Ihre Verbindung, um die Kompatibilität der Anbieter zu prüfen

Our video streams

webRTC connectivity

max resolution 720p

video height 720px

video width 1280px

video framerate 30fps

video bitrate 5000bit

video adaptive bitrate

no video degradation

recommended 4 Mbit for uploads


max resolution 4K

recommended resolution 1080p

recommended 10 Mbit for uploads

max framerate 240fps

recommended framerate 60fps

Our integrations

The following items are required only when your plan include these tools, by default they are optional.

Eigene Domain

Customize DNS for CNAME and TXT parameters

Single-Sign-On (Einmalanmeldung)

Valid iDP and SP providers for authentication

App stores

Admin access to Apple Developer Center or provisioning, distribution and push certificates

Admin access to Google Console or .ipa file upload


Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or most recent

Our policies

InEvent seeks to obey all laws, both nationally and internationally, even if they are just acts of good faith and/or fair policies. Trust on our partners is very important to deliver a globally available solution.


We are not allowed to send any type of spam mail. Our policy determines that any campaign that has a bounce rate of over 5% is considered abusive, which will be automatically blocked from our systems.

Also, spam complaints will be allowed to a limit of only 0.01% (1 in 10,000) emails to follow the guidelines of most ESM providers.

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