Marketo integration

Sync your events bidirectionally with event marketing software

Scaling you Marketing Team

Ihre Marketo-Integration mit InEvent kann erstellte Listen, zugehörige E-Mails, Vornamen oder angehängte Tags enthalten. Diese Synchronisation erleichtert den Import und Export von Daten zwischen InEvent und Marketo und hebt Ihre Event-Management-Software auf ein neues Niveau. Sie werden in der Lage sein, alle auf den Landing Pages von Marketo erfassten Daten automatisch in die InEvent-Plattform zu importieren und auch Ihre Daten von der InEvent Event-Plattform nach Marketo zu exportieren. Die Synchronisierung erfolgt automatisch und erlaubt sogar die Verwendung von benutzerdefinierten Feldern!

InEvent and Marketo partnership has been the core integration for innovative customers scaling their lead and relationship programs with attendees. Marketing and event teams are able to work together and deliver powerful results with InEvent globally awarded event platform.

InEvent & Marketo event integration

Syncing your event calendars

Marketo data sync

The first step you need is to aggregate your Calendar on both platforms. This is simple, with a pair of credentials from Marketo to the InEvent platform.

You can also create a base program that will be cloned everytime a new event is created at InEvent event management software. This allows you to have more flexible Marketo Programs by having Smart Campaigns on your base program to be passed along to your new programs. All aspects of your base program are used when our integration runs.

Using your smart lists on InEvent is also very easy, just select one of your smart or static lists available on your Marketo account to import your leads to your attendee management software powered by InEvent. You can to invite and RSVP on your event using InEvent event platform.

All basic information of your lead is pulled and their membership status on your Marketo Program is updated automatically with your event management software.

Großartig! Jetzt beginnen Ihre Leads mit dem Ausfüllen ihrer Registrierungsformulare. Dadurch ändert sich ihr Status auf beiden Plattformen in Teilgenommen, so dass Sie alles, was auf der InEvent-Veranstaltungsplattform und der Marketingplattform Marketo geschieht, im Auge behalten können. Dasselbe gilt für Leads, die die Einladung abgelehnt haben, sie werden von der Mitgliederliste entfernt. Falls sich einer Ihrer Leads von Ihrer Marketingkommunikation abmeldet, aktualisieren unsere Systeme automatisch seinen Abmeldestatus auf Marketo und tragen einen Grund in das Feld Abmeldegrund ein.

Delivering your events for attendees

InEvent CRM software

Now, we're on the digital age, so your guests expect to have an automated check-in system with a QR Code Badge Printing solution. By scanning their QR Codes on your self-service kiosk, they'll receive a badge and their membership status will be updated to Attended on both platforms.

Your reports can also be accessed live with InEvent event platform or with Marketo reporting systems, allowing complex segmentation filters to manage the individual relationship developed with each of your attendees.

1 minute Wrap Up

  • New events creates a new Program on Marketo automatically;
  • Cloning information from a base program is also available;
  • Smart Campaigns and other resources are also cloned;
  • InEvent events can be visualized directly on your Marketo Calendar;
  • Invites, registrations and more are added automatically to your Marketo program;
  • Importing leads from your Marketo static and smart lists;
  • Handle unsubscriptions on both platforms (two-way sync);
  • Update lead data on InEvent and sync back to Marketo;
  • Don't worry about duplicates: InEvent handles it for you;

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