5 Brilliant Examples of Event Invitations and Emails Done Right

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Posted on October 19, 2023

5 Brilliant Examples of Event Invitations and Emails Done Right

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. In fact, the average ROI for email marketers is $36 for every $1 spent. That means if you spend $1,000 a month on email marketing, you can‌ generate $3,600 in return. 

If you’re hosting an upcoming event, you can use email marketing to your advantage to spread the word. In particular, you send customized event invitations to promote in-person or online events. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to move forward, this guide will detail five brilliant examples of event initiation emails to help you get started.

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London event email.

Screenshot by Brandon Lee

This event invitation email template has it all. Warner Bros. uses a Harry Potter-themed email invitation in the appropriate fonts, styles, and colors to display a whimsical advertisement for their upcoming London event.

On top of that, they’ve included a breathtaking photo that shows how guests can experience the decorated dining hall once they arrive. The photo is the most prized asset here because it gives the invitation a wow factor, helping it to stand out from generic, text-based email invitations. 

Finally, the call-to-action (CTA) at the bottom of the email is large enough for desktop and mobile devices. It’s vibrant and clear, offering its audience a chance to learn more about the experience with a sense of urgency (given the holiday theme). 

2. Salesforce

Salesforce event email for Dreamforce.

Screenshot by Brandon Lee

This Salesforce email invitation for Dreamforce also hits ‌all the right notes when it comes to creating captivating email content. avigate the event planning landscape seamlessly with the efficiency and control offered by Salesforce Flow. Here are some key takeaways concerning its event details:

  • The formatting is thoughtful for convenient scrolling and scanning. Within seconds, the reader can scan the header, subheading, and all the speakers below.
  • The CTA sits above the keynote speakers. On top of that, it reminds the reader they can register for free. 
  • The keynote speakers here are all household names in their respective industries. The descriptive copy about their roles and expertise makes the invitation more compelling. 

What’s more, this invitation has some additional information below about the sessions the reader can participate in. It effectively gives the recipient a sneak peek into the event before they even register.


BILL Pulse customer event email invite.

Screenshot by Brandon Lee

Unlike the first two examples, this event invitation email example hits the nail on the head for a text-based email. 

First, the colors and the design of the entire email scheme match BILL’s visual brand identity. Why is this important? The branding consistency makes it easy for recipients to recognize who the email is from, boosting open rates. 

The information in the body text appears as a small chunk of text at the top and bullet points below. People only spend seconds reading an email, so keep it short and sweet.

This helps capture the recipient’s attention quickly and makes it easy for the eyes to focus on the information presented below.

Finally, the email reiterates the event date and time below before wrapping up with a simple, on-brand CTA button. 

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit email invite to Craft + Commerce event.

Screenshot by Brandon Lee

There’s a lot to say about this particular email invitation. The invitation templates are seamlessly integrated, starting by displaying several testimonials from creators about the particular event. Adding this type of social proof is highly effective for building brand trust among an audience.

The best part about this email is the image of the “early bird ticket.” The email is already text-heavy, so it’s a nice touch to include this visual as a CTA at the bottom. Plus, it creates a sense of urgency to encourage people to purchase a ticket early and save $150. 

We also like how all the pertinent information in this email is bolded or underlined to maximize readability (and emphasize importance). 

5. Bass Rocks Golf Club

Bass Rocks Golf Club dinner and wine event invite.

Screenshot by Brandon Lee

Now, isn’t this a unique email? It’s short, sweet, and to the point. 

The Bass Rocks Golf Club event email invitation uses large fonts to clearly display its message. It also uses underlining and contrasting colors (white font against a black background) to make reading easy for club members.

The large CTA is easy to scan and click when you’re ready to buy a ticket. There’s enough information about the event to entice members to join (without overbearing too many small details). 

If you’re going for a text-based approach to creating an event invitation, you should use this template as an example. 

Email invitations: best practices

Now that you’ve seen some great examples of email invitations, let’s cover some basics for when you’re ready to send one on your own.

Write a clear and catchy subject line

Your email’s subject line is the first impression. It determines whether your invitation gets opened or ignored (or worse, marked as spam). 

Crafting a subject that informs and intrigues can significantly increase your open rates. Think of phrases that spark curiosity, like “You’re Invited: [Event Name]” or “Unlock Exclusive Access at [Event Name]”. 

These not only convey the event’s purpose but also evoke a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Here are a few good examples from Warner Bros. Studio Tour London that goes along with the first example we shared earlier.

WB Studio Tour London example subject lines.

Screenshot by Brandon Lee

Add a touch of personalization

A personal touch can make all the difference in your tone and messaging. 

Addressing the recipient by their name and curating content relevant to them helps build a deeper connection and relationship. Plus, studies have shown that personalized emails can boost engagement rates substantially. 

So, when crafting your invite, ensure you’re speaking directly to the individual. Make them feel seen and valued.

Include the essential details

While you want your invite to be engaging, it’s still important to prioritize clarity. 

Why? The underlying purpose of the email is to share important information about your event

So, keep the details such as date, time, venue, and event purpose apparent without much scrolling required. 

An effective invitation respects the recipient’s time, allowing them to quickly decide their interest and availability without sifting through excessive text.

But you don’t have to throw creativity completely by the wayside. A brilliant example of this is incorporating the dress code theme into the invitation itself. 

Imagine receiving an invitation encouraging guests to don their stylish leather jackets and pants to match the neutral color scheme of the event. This approach not only sets the tone for a unique and exciting event but also benefits both the host and the guests. 

Example of an invitation that includes dress code.

Image Source

For the host, specifying a dress code adds an element of fun and cohesion to the party’s ambiance. For the guests, it sparks anticipation and allows them to unleash their creativity in assembling the perfect ensemble, making it an event they won’t want to miss.

Write compelling email copy

Compelling copy often evokes emotion. Whether it’s the event’s excitement, the urgency of a limited-time offer, or the warmth of a personal story, weaving emotion into your email can create a deeper connection with your audience.

But why should readers trust your message? 

Using statistics, expert quotes, testimonials, or endorsements can give your email a foundation of trustworthiness (like ConvertKit in example four). Establishing credibility early in the email can increase the chances of your audience taking the desired action.

And don’t worry if writing isn’t your strong suit. You can use an AI writing generator to help you create unique email copy that converts. An AI writing generator can quickly generate text with all the information about your upcoming corporate event. It can even tackle those important email subject lines and preview descriptions.

Another great thing about AI is that you can rewrite content instantly, so you have different versions of your invitation emails and subject lines. That way, you can test dozens of variations until you find the version that clicks with your audience.

But that’s not all. It can also write the copy for automated blog articles, reminders or follow-up emails leading up to your event so your email campaign is easier to run. What’s not to love? 

Include an option to save the date

Today’s schedules are jam-packed. We’re all busy people juggling our personal and professional lives.

Providing an easy “Add to Calendar” link or button to your email innovations improves the chances that your event gets a reserved slot in your invitee’s busy schedule. 

The result? It lowers the chances of them forgetting or double-booking. And that’s where digital business cards can elevate the effectiveness of event communication. 

By incorporating digital business cards into your event emails (they can even appear as a QR code in an email signature), you can provide recipients with event details like:

  • Calendar links
  • Contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Website links
  • Directions to the event
Example of a digital business card QR code in an email signature.

Image Source

Attendees can easily save digital business cards to their devices, guaranteeing they have all the event details at their fingertips. They enable event organizers to track interactions and follow-ups, providing valuable insights into attendee engagement. 

Combining brilliant event invitations and emails with digital business cards creates a seamless experience for recipients. It’s a simple way to foster stronger connections with potential attendees. 

The result? A higher event attendance and improving your overall event success.

Leverage the power of video

It’s always exciting to receive event invitations. But if you include visuals in your email, your guests will be even more excited as they get a glimpse into what they can expect. 

Imagine a short commercial video showing the venue with music and people dancing and enjoying themselves. That’s the perfect example of a video that’ll catch people’s attention and generate fear of missing out (FOMO).

Here’s a great example of a commercial video for Dreamforce that Salesforce could embed into one of their event email invitations to share real customer reactions to their past events:

Dreamforce corporate commerical.

Image Source

Plus, people absorb more information while watching videos than by reading text. So, if you want to make sure your guests will attend your event, it’s definitely a good idea to make your invitation a video.

Wrapping up

And there you have it — five brilliant examples of event invitations worth noting and best practices to create your own.  It’s worth noting that nearly all of these examples can be easily crafted and sent out by an email newsletter software.

The email invitation you send will have a direct impact on how well you’re able to drive conversions for your event (whether it’s a virtual event or an in-person event).

So bookmark this guide and use it as a reference as you embark on your journey to sending event email invitations that check all the boxes.

Now, over to you. Here’s to your event’s success!

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